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Contemporary Artist Indian: Upcoming and Famous Indian artists renowned for contemporary art.


The new entrant in Artists Galleries and Directories

                                  Upcoming and Famous Indian artists renowned for contemporary art.

The new addition to the well known score of India’s upcoming and famous artists is


and you can see his profile here:

 Ananthanarayanan v

Also, his site has been awarded the Art award recently!



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Dream interpretations: Choked by a Crab!!! « THE ROAD TO ETERNAL BLISS!

Choked by a Crab!!! « THE ROAD TO ETERNAL BLISS!

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Thank You readers: from: ‘Ananthanarayanan V’

Thank you readers

Thank you readers so much for your love and support.

Your reviews and your emails have made everyday very special to me.

 Thanks for all your affection.

I have gained excellent support for my books that have been sold through various online sites (USA,UK, etc…), through Hardcopy print (India) and have received fantastic reviews and ratings.


 I would like to thank Mr.Viswanath, Mr.Ashis Das for their important initial support and for believing in me.

I would sincerely like to Thanks the Times Of India team for giving me very positive exposure and acknowldegment through their interview and a special thanks to all those who made my work  / reviews reach to the TOI team. 

Thank you so much

It has been a great ongoing journey and i hope it lasts till eternity…….

Thanks and be well

Ananthanarayanan V


few: Reviews  & Ratings:

splendid and very original

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25 Apr 2007 by amrita shangi

Mr.Ananth (techdivine)

I bought your book and it is simply splendid. Its original style and powerful quotes and words were amazing.

cannot wait to get your next book.

hope to see that soon and read your artcile in the Times Of India site too. Fabulous.

fantastic read

Amrita Shangi

GOd bless and be well

ANanth V

hi there

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26 Mar 2007 by roopma nirula

got your book yesterday.

Splendid, simply splendid.

All these hours and hours of tireless work of yours has paid off well. Looking forward for your book on spirituality as i know how deep and intense your thoughts are.

will come & take your autograpgh on YOUR book soon.

take care

roops n

Re: hi there

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24 Apr 2007 (updated 24 Apr 2007) by techdivine

Hi there

Thanks for your mail. It’s always great to know there are people who enjoyed the book and have taken time out to mail me back.

Thank you so much

god bless and be well

Ananth V

bought your book and got your gift

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25 Mar 2007 by loila talpen

Hello mr.Ananth

I am Loila from USA and had bought your book and got your gift today. Its beautiful.

I wanted to know your style of symbolism and variation styles of your coffee table book and it was great to get your explanation on the same.

Loved the poems, your art and your art work.
Variety and unique style of the poem book.

Keep writing.

Gosd bless you.


One Word ” UNIQUE “

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18 Mar 2007 by raj kiran


I am not an avid reader but love the art and designs. I justd Loved the quotes and lines from your various sites.
so went ahead and BOUGHT the “Download copy” of your EXPRESSIONS book from one of your links and it was reaaly unique.

A very different style , extremely well written and designed.

Loved the Poems especially ” Lost, But yet guding…. ” and ” balancing Act “.

Fabulous illustrations, simple, subtle and distinct and goes great to connect with the poems lines and thoughts.

It was great that i purchased the downloaded copy of the book and got to read it immediately ….

The feeling what the Amazon No.1 Bestseller and Mr.Das have expressed are truly what is the real feel of your book.

There were so many quotes i could connect to from your book and have recommended with all stars to my friends and family to Buy the download copy of the book of EXPRESSIONS.

Great book, great style and amazing designs and art.

Keep writing and we will keep getting inspired.

5 Stars and Kudos!

Awesome Book and a great value for the buy and to read over and over again!




Do check out the TOI Interview here:

TOI Interview link

other links:

ananthanarayanan v



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Ups and Downs!

Ups and downs!

flying dove 

I was in the middle of a promenade tonight, weary and tired, trying to look at the sky and wishing to see a shooting star! Wanted to make a wish, desperately!

Ok, alright, my day was not ideal and I was hoping for a tweak or two for tomorrow’s sunrise. I waited and walked. About two hours had passed, after which I realized, now those were two hours I am never going to get back.

I was at the patio of my building and Mumbai’s greenhouse gasses had wrapped up most of the colors of the sky and I could hardly see any twinkle above either.

So it was two hours of vacant murky space that I was staring at moving around in concentric circles. I got really tired of something, perturbed and a wee bit irritated at “yours truly” for further wasting time and hoping to make the night better which evidently did not happen. I decided to go back downstairs and go home. Then I said to myself, I am an artist, a writer, an inventive individual, ahem! Frustrations and depressions are part of the routine; I should not give up so easily.

I came back and kept walking and by then my Mp4 player had given up its verve. I guess I had burned out more than an hour of its battery already today while travelling while nothing was getting done.

As I stood unmoving I heard a ruffle in between the trees and it was growing loud.

As I stood staring at that place where there was not a soul and was so quite that I could take notice of my own breathing, the ruffling sound grew odd and suddenly through those moving leaves there was stillness again in the air as I heard my heart beat. I saw something.

My beat and rhythm of the heart matched the flapping wings of the beautiful dove that just flew right above me. It looked gorgeous. It looked serene. It felt and filled my heart with bliss.

It would sound such a cliché if I said that as I kept looking at that bird, it disappeared all of a sudden. But I guess I have been fed with too much of scientific proof and theories over the past two decades of my life, so I would quote it as, “ As I watched the bird that slowly disappeared into the darkness of the space….” But I really and with all honesty felt that it had suddenly disappeared.

Remember, I am also an artist. So I have to speak my mind.

It was such a beautiful sight and I was taking in and savoring the blissful scene when all of a sudden I bent down with a jiff as a huge bat flew so low, it could stomp on my head and make my day dark, again. So much for the bird of bliss eh!

But I guess that is what life is all about. The white and the black. The good and the bad. The right and the wrong. The ups and the downs. Hmmmm…… I got it then. So without wasting too much time I finished the work that I had and then keyed in these lines and will now go back to reading something before I am off to bed.

Just hoping, that tomorrow when the dove flies again, it would not be followed by the winged messenger of the scary space.
Now we all know, that’s not possible……

It’s all, Black and white….

Every dawn has its night,
The sun shy’s down with its moonlight
Every moment screams of pain
Every day it sure can’t rain…..
As I sit here and quote the dreams,
I pray to self for I should clearly see
With a shiny shoe as I would run off to work
Do something that would polish my dream….
Now I really don’t mind the darkened days
The wreckful memories of early days
I want to breathe and beat the pacing heart
For I would see my goal clearly again today……

Ananthanarayanan V

image source: One world

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Choked by a Crab!!!


For a friend: Interpreting dreams!
Choked by a crab

What happens when you dream that you are being choked by a crab? Nothing, you get up, have a glass of water and go back to sleep again.
Normally it is said that when you dream of something like the one above, it shows that there is very less connection between your mind and your heart and you act on impulses. It means you have emotions that have been suppressed for long and you need to be more open with your feelings and express yourself. And as for crabs, they represent tenacity, meaning you might be too clingy and stubborn with something and not ready to let go off that.
Does interpreting dreams have something to do with our way of life in the society? No. But dreams and dreaming about things mean a lot and have a prominent place in human psychology.
Normally it is stated that those who act on impulses and are very aggressive in nature dream less than the apparently more socially acceptable figures in society.
The reason being, it is stated that dreams are nothing but your sub-conscious telling you want to do something that you might know to be right or wrong. Something you would not want to do in public. Hence those who are brought forth in society as people who say things as they are and act on impulses have fewer dreams as they speak out and react about what is there in their mind such that there are lesser thoughts in their sub-conscious running hitherto.
Is that why many researchers say that animals don’t dream much…… hmmm…… let me just hope I be more human and get more such dreams day in and day out…… but always remember, as the old quote goes:
Dreams that come true sometimes can be as unsettling as those dreams which don’t!
be well & happy dreaming!
Ananthanarayanan V

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Life cannot get any better…..

Life cannot get any better…..

That felt so right in my dreams yesterday. Yes I would like to call my most recent weekend as dreams as things were so clear and so sweet. As one of my favorite quote goes, “Life is so clear in a dream, but when you wake up….it’s a blur!”

I spent two half days in the last 2 days with some of the sweetest and most talented people I know. I spent my lovely evenings with few of my nieces and nephews (Rithi, Ritish, Swati, Kaushik, Dishha & Alishha) and am about to meet two more of my sweet little niece and nephew by this weekend (Aishwarya & Shivam).

And what I quoted above is what I felt at the end of both days…… Life cannot get any better…..

These kids are in the age range of 4 – 15 and trust me when I am saying this, I learnt a lot of things on how to behave with elders from the smallest two kids and on how to be filled with passion from the rest. These kids know it all, from trekking to playing the keyboard, from painting to building awesome structures and trains, from elocutions to giving the most innocent and true smile one could see.

I learnt something very wonderful from each of them yesterday and finished my second book and my first Literature young fiction work finally after 10 months of work. The final draft will be starting by the end of the week and it should be hopefully ready soon and all thanks to my little sweet dreams of joy and hope, my little angels.

As kids, we never stop exploring, we never stop trying and we never stop questioning. The resultant effect, we never stop Learning, isn’t it?

It’s only when we grow we become “MATURE” individuals and think a million times before asking someone for help, for honestly giving a smile and curiously looking at someone with a million questions on our face.

One of my little angels said something about her friend and I asked her if she had a fight why would she want to talk to her again. She said the sweetest thing, “Mama, I was having cough and cold and was very tired some days back. So when she called so many times, I did not talk to her and mommy forgot to tell her I have fever. She got very upset with me. But she did not shout to me. SO may be when she got angry yesterday she was also not well. So I am anyway going to call her today and speak to her. She is my friend na.” This little kid is 4 years old, believe it or not. Just 4 years old.

We grow up and many a times forget that may be the other person could not do or say something because he/she was sick….. you know what I mean? And then we fall into the phase of what is termed in Human dynamics and Behavioral patterns as a classic example of “Attribution theory error” that is to say that, “he or she behaved so immaturely/ rudely” etc…. and when it comes to our reaction to things we always look at the circumstances that surrounded us because of which we reacted how we did. We justify things when we do it and not in others case. It s just like a boss saying the project did very well and It has to, I had put my heart and soul into it…..or in other case as oh the project failed and was obvious , my team was chaotic and should have cooperated better. The only thing that becomes easy when we grow is apparently the blame game.

SO what we see when we compare our behavior with the kids of today? Is the innocence officially lost? Has apparently “Practical” approach superseded our possible dreams? Has the “SUPEREGO” gone above the ego where one would learn to be more rational and in other words harsh and unnerving to other people’s feelings? I learnt to be more human because of those kids in the last two days and have found out few things and how to deal with things, with people and put it into use in my life. I can guarantee it would be better. At least my behavior would be more human with others. I hope so……

When I say all this I take a look back at my lovely school days when even a new table in the class used to pump up so much of anxiety, smile and happiness of what’s going to be the next change, will we shift to a new classroom, will all the benches be changed, etc.

Yesterday and the day before I heard my 4 year old two nieces using terms like “it was denied to him and it is not correct” , “that’s ok, we will make a new one if it breaks” etc. and I said to myself, my god….. Iff I would have been that mature at that age, hell…..if I could be that mature at this age…..Life would be so different and so much better.

These kids in the last 2 days have made me ponder over so many simple things in life that we can get happiness and peace from. No wonder they are said to be as sweet as the Lord himself. No wonder their innocence brings in so much happiness when we look at their faces.

They inspired me so much with their wit, their art works, their way of thought, I felt I was reborn. I took in and savored every single moment with them and can only hope that I get to see them and be around them more often and be a kid again…only this time a smarter and sweeter kid, just like them…..

God bless and be well

Ananthanarayanan V


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My Coffee: A case to begin all cases………



case to begin all cases

case to begin all cases

A case to begin all cases:

A nice cup of hot black coffee and a good speed internet connection, that’s all that counts!

A nice cup of hot black coffee and a good speed internet connection. With that of course god’s ultimate gift to mankind “MEMORY”. The world seems so beautiful.

People say memories of the past and anxiety of the future ruins our present. Well, I can’t talk too much about future and pressures as in today’s chaotic world I am one of those blessed individuals whose job so to say is one of the least stressful jobs on earth.

I am a teacher.

I got myself few diplomas, a degree, few certifications and a secure (a term which has become almost obsolete) job in a MNC about 5 years back. I was into the creative art and animation as a hobby for as long as I can remember. For it gave me a peace of mind and a lot of calmness to relax that every inch of tensed muscle in my body. Soon, I had made that hobby my work so I never had to feel the pressure of work again. So I said to myself.

I Left my “secure job” and 3 years had passed. Then one day, I met a young chap (meaning someone of my age, 5 years ago…. That is to say, I was a lot younger and more immature then….and life was good). He came to me and said, “Ananth, I am changing my job. I am shifting back to finance field where I was.” Hmmm…. Another one of my kind, I thought…with that doubt in mind… He continued, “Yes, I know there will be heavy pressure and I won’t enjoy doing it, but at least I will have some respect for what I do but could not handle the pressure of doing a job which especially in India, if more so related to the field of art hardly gets any recognition and respect even from those most close to you.” I told him to sleep over it. Give it some more thought. And not change the field just because he was unable to cope up with the pressure of being related to the field of art. He used to teach and freelance for money, the most important and easily understood term today.

Finally he did not leave the field, but left the job, saying may be some other work environment might cheer him up and provide more mental support to continue what he is doing. He left the job after a lot of convincing and fights with his seniors that he was sure he would not want to continue for personal reasons. He came back home and made few calls and got into another institute with a better pay scale to maybe, just may be help him gain more confidence in talking to his family and friends now that he had a job which was paying him literally as good as an engineer with an MBA or a CA/CS (naming them because even today, these are supposedly the more and most desirable jobs, trust me).

Few days later, while he had got well adjusted to this environment and was getting back home at 11:30pm from Andheri back home he met a kid sitting on the pavement opposite to the well known Leela hotel from where he was just coming out after his corporate presentation. He just stopped for a moment and then rushed back to the kid.

This19 year old was his student from the earlier institute. After a long discussion, this chap realized that after he had left the earlier place it had been 3 months since and still that institution had found none to replace him. Result was the fees from students were collected regularly and those deferring payments were put into defaulters and fined. But there were no sessions happening. There was no faculty.

This kid was a cobbler’s son with a bright & creative mind. So to say had been lured by the famous lines of getting the BIG moolah and glamour that the creative industry was posed to him by those selling it so much that he fought and convinced his dad to arrange for that huge sum for his diploma in animation course as he was somehow convinced that this industry holds for him all the riches and would take him to another level. He would get a pay check of at least Rs.8-10K to start with and sky would be his limit with his abilities and skills. Now he had ended up paying all that he could, his dad was down till his neck in debts and to worsen the case, there were no classes being conducted because of lack of faculties.

So much to say, the course and the infrastructure were anyway not up to the mark. Then both( the sir and his ex-student) tried for a lot of legal ways to help out for refund, but the system was so jacked up that they found themselves being mocked by society more and more and there was no justice at all. His dad, the cobbler died of a heart attack. He had no job and this course was finished by some emergency trainer who had little idea of how to go about with the course and needless to say there was no learning and no job for this kid. He now sits on the streets mending shoes just like his father.

Talk to him about Photoshop and flash, his eyes lit up and then die off with that same speed and intensity. That young chap and trainer came back home that day realizing that he was not just working and he did not just have a job. But as a teacher he had a huge social responsibility of taking good care of a noble profession which is sad to say becoming a faint identity. He now teaches and trains whenever anyone asks him if he has the time and not so just on the basis of monthly fees to the real needy. He has to face societal brunt for that. But at least he sleeps peacefully.

The above story is for any noble profession today. Be it delivering education or something as massively important as saving lives as in a doctor’s job. There are very few doctors’ who take cases without that patient fulfilling the basic formalities of “FEES”.
There have been so many a lives put in stake and so many futures given to shape by these noble professions, but in today’s social pressures, unless there is money involved there is no value for life or knowledge.

We are talking today about nuclear pacts, global warming. But what happened to those who are living at the tip of a life nothing less than a volcano mountain, ready to burst at any point of time. Their only mistake is of being born in a poorer section of the society. Their lives and pains are simply put out with simple lines by big time money makers as “Only the fittest will survive” (I guess they had the privilege of studying Darwin’s theories, “They cannot handle today’s competitive pressure” and only those with power and money will survive.

We close the above mentioned miseries with such simple lines learnt in our MBA class and big corporate chairs not even realizing that in this way we are going against war with our own people. If such noble professions today start refusing service just for the sake of money and if the society supports that, why are we even discussing a green world, a better technology and happy world? All that you do always comes back to you then and there. Life is as simple as that. So if we refuse help knowingly or with pure bliss of ignorance it is going to hit us back some day soon. Life is not just about numbers and targets. It’s about Lives and a smile.

Wouldn’t life be more fun if there were good competition and great learning all around us? Did not we feel happy in school when we were put against a large chunk of students and asked to compete? So why not help everyone raise the bars and lead a life of greater significance. Why not deal with the current misery, bureaucracy and corruption and actually kill the problems at their root cause. I get scores of mails and calls everyday from parents and people asking me where do I put my kid for further studies?
I am not a counselor or someone of that level to advice, so I don’t. I keep numb as even if I did I am sure I would be falling short of places and institutions both big and small to recommend today.

I know so many doctors and teachers today who have refused to render their honest and very much possible services to people because of lack of their ability to pay money. I am not asking you to do charity as all of us need to survive. But only that, do keep in mind that whatever you do, you are affecting someone or the other and what you can decide is HOW you affect them.
Remember, life has a way of balancing itself, what goes will come back. So the next time you decide not to cure a patient or teach a student for the sake of money alone Please think twice. As your decision is not just another corporate rule, it’s a way of life.

You have the power to be true to what you have sworn to do. To make the country a better place is not the government’s duty. It’s those who have given that power to the government to take good care of our HUGE family, our world.

So grow and let grow as it’s not everyone’s privilege to say that all I need today is “A nice cup of hot black coffee and a good speed internet connection, that’s all.” I know the great mentors like the Mahatma and Swami Vivekananda are gone. But a bit of their souls rests in all of us. So let’s try to search and find them, take all the pieces and get them back. That’s possible only if all our heart and minds would act as one. Everyone has come across some day something like this to say, to make a difference, to make impact…. A case to begin all cases. I apologize if I bored you and wasted your precious time with so many words and story but what can I say…… I am paid for it!

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