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TV Soaps, Reel & Real life: Winds of blurry reality


Twirling Dreams & Blurring Reality

Twirling Dreams & Blurring Reality

Money, passion, exhaustion and fame…. Drawing to a weekend where serenity was the magic to the tempo of realism called Life!

 Met up with an old buddy, yes, the same friend who shared his dream with me and wanted the same to be shared with all of us through this platform: Choked by a crab

 He said, I want to share another one this time.

 I asked him, “You spend too much time sleeping, don’t you?”

 Thank God, he took it lightly, just the way I had meant it.

 But he meant business as he straight away quoted “I saw a baby monkey running around me with whom I was playing and then feeding a watermelon”

 We knew we were no Birbal, so we got Sherlock.  No, not the web search app from Apple  (That’s still Google for us).

 We got searching and finding all probable combinations. Why? ‘coz my chum seemed quite uneasy and anxious since a couple of days with this and he said, lets put this again on board. 

The combination of a baby monkey being fed watermelon, hmmmmm….

The Web help sources said, That could mean putting jointly emotions of innocence which was trying to be grabbed from the past.,Unsettled triggers of unfinished business from childhood recollections that could have sparked very recently. That with a monkey that was being fed, probably expressing a betrayal of expectation from someone who should have been there more to support you who meant close to you and finally with a fruit that is either about ease or about fiery passion. These were amazing combinations which meant well, nothing to me as now I turned at my buddy.

 Slowly we put the running ball together; I noticed a sneer and a sense of realization on his face. He said, I got my answers, now you quote down your lines.

 His face was composed or a lot calmer now and now that I got that he got it, I was sure I need not try to know what it was.

 But I felt uncomfortable when I quoted his dreams the first time on the blog after he said, go for it. Flash it across. Now a repeated second one made me say to him, ‘it’s not right to talk about your life on a Writers blog.’

 He said a simple line after which I started to key in the new post here.

 He quoted, “It helps me relax to read it across the blog and it helps me know, it’s just out there, happening and makes me feel in control from within. It’s good to flush it out of my system than to burn wakeful from inside in the barrenness.”

 That’s when I realized the influence of Soaps on TV. With Ekta Kapoor and her Dramarama swarming the nation like a wild blaze, people find themselves sharing a part of it, some or any part of it at times and that’s what keeps them at ease and linked day in and day out.

It’s not the actors, it’s not the lines, its Reel reality with a dash of overflowing emotions bundled with of course repetitive unnecessary camera shots. (ya, ya I have seen an episode too.. big deal)

 Well, I don’t know about me, but Ekta definitely built her dreams with it….

 And to my pal, Happy dreaming buddy! Have a good nights sleep!



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Mumbai Attack: Why {‘Me’mbai} … will never be my question!

Mumbai -TREE Grace -Strength!

Mumbai -TREE Grace -Strength!


Why {‘Me’mbai} … will never be my question!


The first breath of air that I ever took till the current letters that I am keying in…. Every minuscule moment screams of the word MUMBAI.


I grew up proudly in this beauty of a land which we term, as the city of dreams. The energy and drive that Mumbai can bring for anyone is, in human terms, unreal and eccentric. Growing up here, all I ever worried about was nothing other than ‘just the fear of growing too slow’.


For I knew, that my quick paced city was safe and would keep me safe.


Life was driven by the ambition of achievement and passion, nothing more.


Life was socially or otherwise, always strictly business for every Mumbaikar. 


Mumbai never had Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or any other community. Mumbai in its most awful state of affairs always seemed to come to a consensus on the basis of an understanding but has stood strong and has returned hitting harder.


We are a cash rich city by means of real estate, human resource and the dream builders of the world. At the end of the day, everyone knows… There is only one Hope on the face of this planet… that can withstand any trial, wherein so many cultures and dreams have been built from and with nothingness, Our Mumbai.


But this week, Mumbai met with an attempt which has made things very personal.


In the name of community and insane inhumanness innocent lives were driven into havoc. We were attacked by those who had nothing in their minds, but a canvas of painting the city red. Of giving a message to all: Stay away from this city …..


As of date, we have earned over decades the bloody audacity to shout at the top of our voice that we are going to welcome the world more than ever and by God, will the world too take this city with more respect than ever before.


We will and have already bounced back to grow, party and capitalize harder than anyone could ever dream of.


No one is scared…… bloody not even close…. Now the city is going to have more guests, more visitors and tourists than ever before. All will have the hot and crispy groundnuts outside the Taj Mahal Hotel once again and hang out. Drive around the Marine Drive and catch a movie at Metro this week.


Why, because, WHY MUMBAI, will never be my question. You wanted to hit the best… Thanks for reminding the billions all over, that the city of dreams is actually a city that never sleeps. It is actually built with people that love this land and she gets her energy from the blood running through each of our veins. The city has never slept and will never sleep. We will grow beyond what anyone can fathom and will welcome billions more to this land to grow along with us everyday.


We are dreams… We are hope… We are strength…… The commandos, the NSG and every brave staff at the hotels, the amazing heart of every civilian, The Trident, Nariman House, Taj, Colaba, CST and all over … gave us more hope than ever before. A heartflet sincere Thanks to each of the heroes. We will always bounce back and hit harder than one can ever EVER in their bloody sense of the term even think of.


I will never ask why M{e}mbai.. I know… ‘coz people always go after what’s the best….. It’s sad… for the rest… ‘coz they will never get even an ounce of it…. It’s not for cowards, it’s not for Losers…. It’s for the mighty strong who face Life… not from behind a bush…but Face to face!




Look at us – We are ready to rock the world again!

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RIE Mysore: Only TIME will tell….

changing time



I believe in dreams…. I work towards a probable destiny but yet, the concept of the TIME god scares the living hell out of me… I am just another ordinary guy scurrying around in the rat race of life.
Travel has taught me more about life and people than any formal education could ever have. I find myself surrounded by millions of my rodent friends each trying to grab a piece of their share of the cheese everyday.


Failure has never scared or pulled me back as some power greater than all beings has been generous enough to grant me the ability to bounce back every time till date. I have been told not to think too much as all we need is to keep doing our part of the routine and not worry about what’s in store.



The probability of failure has never impeded me as an area of concern but what I did and all that I could have done makes me feel the pulse of the kicking prey on the crafty spider’s web at all times.



My idea of travel is not just to make a livelihood. In the process, I learn so much from all that is superior and great and observe and comprehend the don’ts from around, that travel has a larger count to my daily learning.



I was at RIE Mysore this whole week.



The sheer simplicity of the place humbled me to the core in the sense that right from the passionate research and innovation of culture, learning and customs that happens over there by the masters shrinks down the egotism of the self.

This place had just the most basic needs to stay and the most necessary things to Live. It has knowledge and information to the core, depending on how and how much you can take and share.



My daily count of learning has helped me enhance my knowledge of life, people and processes so much that the thirst to act on it has only increased manifold over the years. Hence the fiery desire to perform and contribute seems to be doubling everyday within me. Life has taught me over the years that the maturity to deal with things is more important than the ability to resolve.



TIME has taught me from Life and observation that there is none powerful than TIME itself. All we possess are the skills and passion to grow and let grow and if that seems to be missing, I guess its time to let go.



I seem to now understand why real education and actual learning are of prime importance today as they embed values more than anything else and empower us with the ability to fight, shield, defend and emerge from our daily actions.



But when it all ends…. Will we be known for what we did or would we be remembered for the change we brought ….. I guess… Only TIME will tell….



Till then… keep learning and keep growing…


Be Well


 Ananth V


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 click for my Nokia 3500 clicks at:



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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival


click above 


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Just Another day of skill and fun at TD studios – By Anandhapadmanabhan

Giggles, thunderous laughs, tables filled with food and variety of beverages… Three laptops lying in different corners occupied by 2 people each and the whole ambience filled with excitement tells you about just another day of work by artists at Techdivine Studios.

As the VP Resource Management Mrs.Neela Shinde enters in with her gorgeous pet cat on one hand and a cell phone on the other, the currently working 6 artists wave a big smile of “hi” to her…. as she gets settled with one of the teams.   

Ms.Shafaque Patel and Mr.Yasir, the Planning & Budgeting heads at TD studios wrap up with their schedule for the day and load up 3d compositing software on their screen. Just then, we hear, “Ho gaya” as in sounding like ‘Eureka’ by the 3d Modeling head Mr.Nadeem, who catches everyone’s attention and all rush in to see the fabulous looking 3d camera designed by him.


That’s right everyone at TD studios, right from the VP to the Production in charge is a hardcore passionate artist from heart. 


As they constantly put in efforts to render there creative skills out in a still format for ‘check & quality control’ the storyboard head Mr.Vaibhav too walks in to give his views on the current frame.


About 4 hours later they split up their respective works which has been mostly done except for final finishing touches. The stills and raw format of the files are mailed across to few other junior artists and designers who will finish it online by the end of the day and send the final output for QC check to the respective heads through email.


A total of 18 artists thus work into a particular project at a given point of time with services ranging from 3D architectural walkthrough, Print media services and web based services, compositing and visual effects with titling, clay animation, creative writing, and digital art at Techdivine studios.


TD studios is a newly established quickly growing Online designing studio wherein majority of the work is done Off-site and online by highly skilled artists, with skills on a plethora of levels and varied medium, who meet up twice a week for a review and check on the work done.


The best part about them is that they all behave like art students thus always ready to learn and grow from each other and at the same time produce photorealistic CG works with high level of professionalism. 


On Jan 2008, TD studios celebrated its first anniversary which started like a dream with just 1 artist and has grown more through work and as a brand than just numbers and artists as the Concept and Idea head who is also TD’s brand and product consultant Mr.Ananthanarayan V, picks up the best and adds in his multiple skills of both design and management and the fabulous projects and varied technical growth goes on shooting up each and every day with fun and learning.


I Anandhapadmanabhan, providing the financial advice here, might just be an observer to the whole new platform today, but someday would like to see this group of talented artists, manager and skilled dreamers at the top of their game. 


My best wishes to all of you and hearty congratulations for completing a successful and fun filled year at TD studios.

  A Padmanabhan

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The Journey so far…… in the field of art and CG…..

Being an art student, as I would like to always proudly refer myself as, over the last two weeks many have asked me to put forth my art works and some styles that I have been using to get and create my digital art works…. And those using traditional media…..

Many of these artowrks have also been sold as Digital Paintings and received excellent acclaim for eg. City Traffic, Actors Life, Tribute, 26 years and many others have brought about fabulous reviews from all over…..

The digital artworks are available for sale in varied sizes of 11″ X 11″, 22″ X 16″, 8″ X 8″ etc….. and are available for purchase…

For enquiries contact the author at:



So here are few of them with their details….

Some of these works have earned me good accolades over the last three years…. With media, International Computer Graphic societies, India’s contemporary upcoming and famous artist directories, work and projects wise….

My works include “Photography, 3d still Works, Animation, Walk through, 2d graphic art works, Sketches, Charcoal (colour & B&W),  Clay, Sculpture and relief works …

For digital media, the skill sets that I have used are as follows: Maya 7, 3DSMAX8, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Paint Shop pro, Combustion….

Few of my works:

1. Reflections of the Soul: Skills used : Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint Shop ProThis Cover art is for the Coffee table Poetry book:

 EXPRESSIONS” titled Reflections of the soul

This cover art speaks of LIFE being inside a bubble where you have different memories and emotions…. that hold you close and sometimes take you to the edge of your life…. the colours mean different expressions of a soul such that: Brown colour depicts the sad memories, green depicts hope and pink the good of health and happy memories…. and everything we do gets reflected all around us….. 



Related Links:

2. My Workstation: Completely done in 3dsmax and textures created and painted in Photoshop and Illustrator…. displayed in International CG society…..

My Workstation

3. The Alley: Done in 3DSMax and textures painted and composited in Photoshop

 Alley 3d in max

4. Few other Sketches, relief works, crayon, ink and paint sketches, graphic pen works…..



lady sketch

jungle book disney sketch mowgli


 char disney file

e learning project td studios

my mp4

td solutions

Actors life ananthv

Actors Life at Directors Cut

amul by TD studios

One of my earliest works on ” Famous Illustrations reproduced – quick digital sketch competition

city traffic ananthv

City Traffic & Jammed Signals

Ashta vinayaka Ganesha with numbers

Ashta Vinayaka Ganesha with numbers

The Journey to freedom

The Journey to Freedom



Ocean COlours

Ocean Colours – Splash for HOLI



all split up

ALL split up

Target of attention

Target of Attention



veggie character made and surrounded by vegetables

and loads more to be updated……… keep watching the space……




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Making the moments count…

This article is written by a friend of mine and it speaks of an amazing and beautiful personal experience of her and she has asked me to share it with you all:  

The author  Karishma S, is from Mumbai. She is a poet, an Engineer and a software developer by profession….  

 “Making the moments count by Karishma S 

Numbers have become such an integral part of our system today that to assure knowledge and know-how too people term “experience” as a factor today.  Thus, age is often used to count the number of years a person has lived, but I feel that is only a psychologically quantifying factor. The quality of the years is what actually matters.  

I am only 24 years old but I have come across and gone through certain experiences which have made me feel I have lived  one  entire lifetime in those moments .These were the factors which have made me  recognize the significance  of being, I have been gifted with.  

 Mother teresa orphanage

Of those many ups and downs, I recollected one of my visits to the epitome of true pure love and kindness. I had the opportunity to see Mother Teresa’s orphanage where there were small children all below the age of five.  Some of them were only a couple of months old and many just a couple of days old. They were there mostly because they were born to unwed mothers. 

Now they were all alone in the world without a glimpse of an idea of what this world means.  Of course they are looked after in an exceptionally good way. They are given the best of food and toys and all the other care required. But what is missing is the love, the tenderness and softness of the mother’s bosom which the child feels when the mother carries him, the basic feeling of security which a new born baby too would understand. 

They crave attention like any child does. As all these thoughts rushed like the gush of wind to me, I realized, I was only an observer to the scene. I will stand there, think for two minutes about what is missing from the life of these kids, feel sorry for them and go back home and resume my daily chores. It is these kids who will have to face the harsh reality after sometime. It is them who will have to answer the daunting questions of the world.  

They say what you never have you never miss. Maybe these children will never miss not having parents. Their earliest memories might be those of having plentiful brothers and sisters all about the same age as them. Loads and loads of fun playing on the swings, playing with lots of toys and living a life of unknown reality.  

It was then what hit me…. Isn’t everyone entitled to a particular kind of life?  I do believe in destiny and fate, but fail to understand what these little angels have done or not done to be in this moment at this time.

As I walked through the doors of the orphanage I heard a little angel about eight to 9 months old, call out to me from her crib with her arms wide open, telling me to carry her. But I was not allowed to carry her, as the Sisters at Mother Teresa’s have told me that they don’t let you go once you carry them. So no point in making them cry, obviously I understood this.

Anyways I couldn’t help myself from going up to her. I think she did understand that I am not going to carry her. By now she must have been used to this. But I did stand there and play a game of peek-a-boo with her. Said a couple of rhymes and heard her giggle and laughed with her. For those moments I felt time was not there, it never existed. It was just me and the kids there and loads of laughter.

I felt I had lived a very sweet part of my life in those few moments that I was there.  I had understood so many things about my own life and made a couple of silent promises to myself. That day when I walked out of that orphanage I felt grown-up.

I felt a stronger sense of urge, responsibility and reason to exist… to make a difference… to be there for someone when they need… and I hope… I am able to keep my promise and fill in any void of the destiny of fate! 

Thank You! 

Karishma S 

Her blog: 

Image source: 

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