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Catch the Updated Blog


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Transitions in Life!

Transition, change from the past, for the present
Transition, change from the past, for the present

Do we notice the imperceptible changes taking place around us?  Mostly not; unless compelled to do so.

The most common culprit of almost imperceptible change is age. “Why do you wheeze when you climb stairs for just two floor?” My daughter asked me last week. I passed it off as a toll taken by age; though the reality is that this weakness is an old one and remained unnoticed.

Most resist the external symptoms of time and related wear & tear. A thumb rule is that the older a person is, the more time taken for formal dressing. So there is a calculated effort to impress- bright colors, branded shirts/pants, hair waved back carefully. Sometimes I wonder, whether the person is comfortable in the role being enacted (for the sake of family). Why not let go and be what you actually are? But then, do many of us know ourselves well to decide to be as and what we are?

God, with His sense of irony, has made human beings attach undue importance to parts of body which have limited utility. Hairs on the head is a classic example of a decorative object. It does not serve any great purpose (unlike hands or legs). But the impact a great hair style has on the subject and his/her viewer cannot be measured. So we find youngsters staring hard at mirror for long periods, patting their hair, men keeping tufts (meant originally only for certain purposes) like women, old men and women dyeing their imperfectly to evade the toll of time and all sorts of odd behavior if examined in the light of reason.

When I was a young boy (several decades back) only school boys and  domestic men servants (who washed clothes, vessels, cars etc.) wore half pants in Mumbai.  Now of course, it is a fashion statement to wear half pants and odd sized pants on all occasions (except job interview) and thereby attempt to belong to another age group. So, when I wear a shorts (called half pant in the past) to the gym, I have an uneasy feeling that someone would  call me to wash their car.

The real changes take place in our sub-conscious and then trickle down to external visibility.  This is noticed only if we meet the person after a reasonable gap. Mentally we slow down- that is reduce the pace at which we want to live hereafter. We see this around us but do not observe. We want less surprises- less changes – expected or unexpected. Life has to be same from yesterday to today. But God and the world around us have a gleeful pleasure in altering our well laid down plans.  So we find sedentary grandparents rushing off to USA/Gulf countries for a new career in babysitting (most probably no one sits, the baby runs around and we run after it continuously till our legs pain).

Did our parents sit back and ponder over their errors of omissions and commission? Did they even admit it to themselves? My son reminded me recently in non-judgmental manner of the instances when I beat him during his childhood. Did I beat him? Yes, I did. For what reasons?  I do not remember. Do I regret it now? Yes. But when I look at my daughter trying to tame my grandson (unsuccessfully at times) by oral requests and then resorting some small corporal punishments, I realize that these are inevitable and cannot be examined by hindsight.

Do we lose our ambitions, zest and enthusiasm with age? I would say they become more tempered. The  goal posts change. Survival up to the goal post  becomes more important than running past it. Some unexpected past time or interest catches serious attention.  So it could a social or a religious organization in which there is some lurking desire to play a more prominent role. I have seen several large institutions run  by persons most of whom had retired from gainful occupations long  back justifying to this logic.

But what is most important in all this is identifying what our heart really seeks- what is it that would give us great happiness. This is the most difficult part of life at any juncture. Long but aimless life serves little or no purpose. At each juncture of life, knowing what we want to achieve in our career, what we enjoy doing in our spare time, what relationships to invest in to make our life more beautiful is vital. This is more easily said than done.

I envy today’s youth some of whom are clear eyed to give up easy choices and seek for what they really want. India has given choices which did not exist some decades back.  But whether they are able to achieve a balance between their material success and mental happiness is a moot point. This perhaps applies to youth and younger generation in any point of time- yesterday , today or tomorrow.

So next time I visit the nearby shopping mall, I will take the plunge and buy the black shirt with stripes displayed at Zodiac shop. My family’s puritanical views on wearing such garments can take a back seat.

I will look handsome in that shirt- rather as handsome as I looked some decades back.



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Walking through life too fast: In the wrong lane!

Lonely in the fast lane
Lonely in the fast lane

I dreamt of the morning sun, but the weird part was the clouds were too dark. So much that, the sun was hidden behind it. The shadow eclipsed the fireball such that the Knight of light was shut behind the emptiness of the vast sky.

I saw something today and felt a lot more than I would normally feel. It was asking me to slow down on life.

Worried and hurried by the daily routine of making the dough for our bread, butter and “jam” I had forgotten how it feels to be human again. Surrounded too many a times by those who I would recall (If I would ever want to recall them that is) as just a dark abyss or shadows, who are never there and would never be beside but only follow through.

I rushed in with my routine as I cast away the holy smokes of unknown groups; I spent the precious fifteen minutes of morning scurrying around for getting things together set and ready for the day.

And what a day it was….

As I rushed across through my door leaving behind a cracking sound that would have awaken my neighbors for sure, my amazing hunt for the treasured Auto rickshaw for my today’s Mumbai journey began. Begging around at qualms for a ride for which I am sure to shell out a hefty piece of green from my pocket, I finally managed to convince one of the amazing rick drivers for a drive to my office.

As I waited in the rick, my work had begun with morning calls from all around the amazing spaceship in which I was and all of a sudden the vehicle screeched. I felt like my house door was hitting me back, I t was really loud!

Oh God! Was I going to get late ‘coz of some pointless traffic today?

As this question infuriated my tiny brain, I looked out and screamt at the first guy standing near the rick.

I took out my frustration of blocking my time and space early morning at him and was trying to move on into the rick, I saw something.

The guy had only one leg, his packet was lying scattered on the road and there were only loud angry horns supporting him. He was not angry, was just trying to gather his scattered stuff of the rusty roads of Mumbai.

I swallowed my horrible tone, got out of the rick, bowed my head in apology, and actually told the vehicles around to shut up, picked up his stuff and dropped him to his office.

We did not speak, he asked me few questions, but I told him I felt to horrible to answer for what I had done or was going to do had I not just seen what I saw. He just smiled, and he made my morning peaceful.

As I got back to work, the start was not very good and as I saw the day proceeding ahead, I could feel only emptiness around me.

But my sweet friend (emails) dropped in some note which staggered me. It was about a similar incident that happened with me today that the mail was describing.

I paused with shock and a tiny bit of surprise.

I pondered back to what and how my day began.

It took a physically challenged and lonely guy on the street, who was also trying to make his living, slow me down with an act of solitude and humbleness on his face.

I remembered my time back at work again today; I found loads of emptiness, no courtesy and nil gratitude for life from those around. It looked so sad. I had the guys number with me, I called him during the day, thanked him for slowing me down and making me realize how important it is to what we strive for, that’s more than just a job.

I guess running scurried in the routine rat race, with all those around, I had forgotten the value of time, money and what it means to give someone space and support.

I felt good, as I jotted this down but I really asked myself, ‘Is someone who is less fortunate and more troubled in life hitting so hard against you with his life scattered but yet not complaining,  the Only person who can make us look back and think about how we live?

The reality was harsh and sad.

I think it should never be a jerk that would desperately need to slow us down.

As I jotted down the final lines, I found myself remembering that guy’s face from morning, who had so much less than I did, but still thanked me, was smiling at the end of the day and said, this is a routine for me, I hope you have a great day!

I need a great day…. I think it’s time I got a great day!

But the next time, I won’t wait till my rick hits someone…..

So, how was your day?


Le’mme know


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Change is in the air! Change is everywhere! – Recession proofing Career!


Career proofing: Flying High! on clouded skies

Career proofing: Flying High! on clouded skies

An amazing 4 hour midnight telephonic conversation and I conclude, I am not made up for phone talk!

I then realized, I did it anyway so may be change IS in the air.

Not trying to jump hoops here. Just getting and catching up with the current market scenario.

Had a wonderful conversation with two very different individuals yesterday which made me blog into ‘The blog is personal again’ section. Both were frustrated & discouraged with their jobs, one had resigned and one was dying to resign. Both had remarkably unique points of view to share on the current scenario.

The one who was free from both income and ‘immediate-earlier’ stress spoke with sheer self-belief of the current industry trend of no / poor job & career opportunities.

I asked him, “How did you take this step then, if the industry is so bad?” He said “I resigned ‘coz the industry is awful anyways, so there is no immediate scale for professional growth in our organization. Whatever be your performance, you would be tagged in with the millions as far as recession in industry goes. So when you know the industry is bad, even the sector that’s doing well refuses to grow or accept growth, so why not resign and start a venture of my dream?”

My long silence, made the optimistically high and free being to continue and add, “When I know what I do for others is not going to get me anywhere, I might as well try to do it for me. If it does not work, I anyway have the industry to blame, its recession everywhere and so if not now, then when?”

I smiled, wished him the best of success and loads of positive morale which he would need whether or not his ‘venture’ clicks.

The other individual still bound by rules, corporate policies and frustrations from one’s superior was very clear, “it’s not a good time to leave. Let’s think about changing careers when the industry does well. I can’t sleep with peace, but can at least pay my daily bills without having to plan or think. What say?”

I had nothing to say, I just nodded.

I realized I have become too patient listening to people. Well, at least one good personal skill I added this year I guessed. But, then I just put forth both queries and pointers together:

  1. The industry is anyways bad; why not venture into something new. One can change careers when the industry is good or doing great, we would have better professional career opportunities.
  2. The industry is bad. Now, it’s time to just stay putt and follow with the crowd. When nothing works, at least your bills are still getting paid!

Then I felt, I would ask all of you…. What say? What would you choose? What is your take on this?

Give me your views on the same.



Image Source: ANVCLICKS

July 31, 2009 at 2:08 pm 2 comments

Career Obsession

Do we need to be obsessed about our career or do we just need to ensure that we have a job and do it well? Isn’t a good job synonymous with a successful career?

When we started out in the employment field in India thirty years back, job was a luxury and career a word in dictionary. Better qualifications got you a better job- a more secure job. The first thing that was mentioned on getting a job was that xxx has got a secure job. Today’s generation would be puzzled by this obsession, as job insecurity ( for a skilled and young individual in India ) is not on the horizon.

When does job translate into career? I believe that gaining expertise and higher responsibilities in one’s chosen area or allied area of expertise on a continuous basis would translate a job into career. Doing a function mechanically needing limited application of mind would perhaps indicate that stagnation has begun. Another indication would be when your immediate Superior’s job seems attractive, easy to do and more importantly having self confidence to do it well.

Do we need to be obsessed with career? In other words, is career different from our employment with the present organisation? In today’s circumstances career obsession seems to be a pre requisite for success. In today’s changing times, every organisation demands skills and talents relevant to today and not yesterday or day before. We are as good as our last victory (like our cricket team). If we do not measure up to the tomorrow’s need, then in comes a rank outsider who is seen to have those skills. Yesterday’s heroes or heroines are now to follow the new leader or well …. look elsewhere.

In such a situation what does an individual do? I believe that he or she has to continually upgrade their skills so as to be relevant to today and tomorrow. Age has nothing to do with it. It would be incorrect to say that “I am too old to learn new tricks. In my time we used to………”. These kind or dialogues would draw embarrassed silence only.

Is not the organisation responsible too? Does it have to be obsessed with its own success and survival and not care for the people who were responsible for this? Yes, it also has its responsibilities. It has to nurture and grow people who lack the obvious skills, but with some assistance could be re-deployed suitably and prove to be assets in changed circumstances also. This requires visionary skills at upper and middle levels of management and listening ability. Also the appraisal system should be have a core of honesty which has creditability within the organisation and which would inform the correct situation so far as the individual is concerned.

Well, what would you say to your young cousin who has started to examine new openings within a month of taking up a new assignment? I would say focus on career, upgrading of skills, higher levels of responsibilities, exposure to new areas and opportunities for a larger contribution to the organisation would be the key to the decision.

What do you feel? I would love to get responses to the above views- especially from the younger generation.

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Routine ramblings blog: Luminous day flying and landing nowhere artsy!

day of the glimmering dawn

day of the glimmering dawn


On an early luminous morning, I rose with the gleaming clouds radiant with the globe of sun lit in the sky.

I got geared up to backpack for my tour to the city of Nawab’s (Hyderabad).

Well I was returning the same evening, so there was nothing to backpack really, but just thought it might add to my reader’s interest of something exciting that might be coming. Ahem!

As I completed with my calorie burning session for the day and drove to the Mumbai Airport I was already waiting for the day to end. Why, ‘coz I felt it was going to be a routine day assignment with zilch added to the learning kitty, so I thought.

Yet, the day went off smooth, with even few new learning’s added to the food for thought pool for the day.

I had ample time still left, so I wandered around the streets. As usual landed where I first start off or end up in most of the cities, at the Art museum.

I was close to Hyderabad Birla Museum center (Art center) and shockingly experienced the utterly un-courteous poorly maintained, staffed with sad and dark minded traditional non art valuing staff and suffocating, hot and humid interiors with no ventilation (No A/c  or fans were switched on even after asking / requesting).  It was undoubtedly the most awfully maintained Art Museum I have ever visited in my entire life.

Left the sad area, not so soon though and later landed in the nearby cool, calm and beautiful Birla garden and saw idols, and sculptures of Gods (Shiva / Nandi) and many others.



Finally I got my Meru and landed back at Hyderabad Airport and realized I was ONLY 3 ½ hours early than my reporting schedule.  Hmmmm, hungry, famished and extremely glad with the royal treatment received at the Birla Art museum (still could not get it out of my system especially since it was at an Art museum).

Anyways, I went to airport coffee shop and ordered myself a ‘cut the carb and fat down’ Italian Salad Sandwich with a Big Mug of Coffee. Had a relishing meal and got on board. I usually dislike flight food unless it’s Jet.

Luckily the Meru experience was comfortable throughout as I landed back home with few good learning and some bad experiences with a decent meal coupled with my very favourite Coffee.

The day was over as I rolled back under my Mickey Mouse sheet for a sound sleep unruffled and dozed off into the sweet arms of nidra.

 hey, needed to ramble something off my routine at least once in this blog… come on! What say?


Long live Art and artists

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Expressions from TD Studios – Now in AMAZON

EXPRESSIONS, Now at Amazon
EXPRESSIONS, Now at Amazon


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