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The Journey so far…… in the field of art and CG…..

Being an art student, as I would like to always proudly refer myself as, over the last two weeks many have asked me to put forth my art works and some styles that I have been using to get and create my digital art works…. And those using traditional media…..

Many of these artowrks have also been sold as Digital Paintings and received excellent acclaim for eg. City Traffic, Actors Life, Tribute, 26 years and many others have brought about fabulous reviews from all over…..

The digital artworks are available for sale in varied sizes of 11″ X 11″, 22″ X 16″, 8″ X 8″ etc….. and are available for purchase…

For enquiries contact the author at:



So here are few of them with their details….

Some of these works have earned me good accolades over the last three years…. With media, International Computer Graphic societies, India’s contemporary upcoming and famous artist directories, work and projects wise….

My works include “Photography, 3d still Works, Animation, Walk through, 2d graphic art works, Sketches, Charcoal (colour & B&W),  Clay, Sculpture and relief works …

For digital media, the skill sets that I have used are as follows: Maya 7, 3DSMAX8, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Paint Shop pro, Combustion….

Few of my works:

1. Reflections of the Soul: Skills used : Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint Shop ProThis Cover art is for the Coffee table Poetry book:

 EXPRESSIONS” titled Reflections of the soul

This cover art speaks of LIFE being inside a bubble where you have different memories and emotions…. that hold you close and sometimes take you to the edge of your life…. the colours mean different expressions of a soul such that: Brown colour depicts the sad memories, green depicts hope and pink the good of health and happy memories…. and everything we do gets reflected all around us….. 



Related Links:

2. My Workstation: Completely done in 3dsmax and textures created and painted in Photoshop and Illustrator…. displayed in International CG society…..

My Workstation

3. The Alley: Done in 3DSMax and textures painted and composited in Photoshop

 Alley 3d in max

4. Few other Sketches, relief works, crayon, ink and paint sketches, graphic pen works…..



lady sketch

jungle book disney sketch mowgli


 char disney file

e learning project td studios

my mp4

td solutions

Actors life ananthv

Actors Life at Directors Cut

amul by TD studios

One of my earliest works on ” Famous Illustrations reproduced – quick digital sketch competition

city traffic ananthv

City Traffic & Jammed Signals

Ashta vinayaka Ganesha with numbers

Ashta Vinayaka Ganesha with numbers

The Journey to freedom

The Journey to Freedom



Ocean COlours

Ocean Colours – Splash for HOLI



all split up

ALL split up

Target of attention

Target of Attention



veggie character made and surrounded by vegetables

and loads more to be updated……… keep watching the space……




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Never give up 

I was seven years old. It was barely seven am as I rubbed my eyes and was still lying on the comfortable bed. As my eyelids leisurely followed the cadence of the twinkling stars and I came back to full yet not so vivid vision of the place around, I looked for immediate comfort. I looked for my folks around.

Now this little kid that was me was getting a little anxious to not see his parents around him as he realized all of a sudden that the place he was waking up was also totally new and unknown to him.

I kept calling for my parents and no one answered.

My eyes opened up wholly and I got up in a jiff. As I looked around, my cry for my mom and dad only got louder as the room that I was looking at was at least about 3000 sq. foot big and there was not a soul around. My feet clamped the flooring and I took to faster steps and scurried around the first door that I found open.

I ran three floors downstairs still calling for my parents and now my voice was getting a little more raucous and whiny than before.


I startled and shouted for help as I heard a huge clanking clatter to my left side where there was a huge door that was half open. I stood there motionless, scared and worried. I waited till I heard that noise again and then again.

Strangely though, I was a lot calm now and I slowly moved towards that open door and all I could see were massively humongous machines.The smell in that place was filled with fragrance of flowers. I step by step moved in between the clanking sounds and now a lot more confident as I saw a household face near one such machine.

It was my uncle, Mr. K V Ganesan. He owned that whole factory and as he looked at me and my eyes which had tears rolling down my cheeks from before, he immediately lifted me up and said, “Good morning dear. Let’s go and have something to freshen up your morning.”

Soon enough I was sitting on my dad’s lap and my uncle was narrating of probably what could have caused those tears to roll of my eyes. I was now too secure with my folks to admit it was right, so I just smiled and kept quite.

Ganesan uncle was quick to get that thought in my head as he immediately said, “You are a big boy. You were just curious may be and not afraid right?” and I immediately nodded.

That’s when he told me, “My dear boy, in your life never be afraid to accept your fears. As telling a lie and hiding it would only make it stay with you for a much longer time.” That was said to me almost two decades back and it still rings in my head like I heard it yesterday.

Whenever I had the chance to meet uncle Ganesan, I never missed the opportunity as when I grew up, I came to know that the man who was standing with the labourers that early dawn with the soap and machines working was the man who had built a huge business and won acclaims and accolades from all over the globe.

Ganesan uncle had even won awards / certificates from the then President of India for his contribution in the field of his expertise, for his work towards quality Soap products “Chitra Soap Works” and his loads and loads of contribution to the betterment of labour force in their town and city of Chennai which was then Madras.

He was an industrialist. He was a visionary and a true leader. He was the President of the Small scale soap manufacturers association of South India. He was someone who used to genuinely go down the line and help the less privileged section of society and was unbiased in helping anyone and everyone.

He was someone who always believed, preached and practised that the court of conscience is more supreme than the Supreme Court.

Ganesan uncle was someone who used to tell things as they were. He was a simple, straightforward, no-nonsense man. He always valued others time and was as brilliantly knowledgeable about the Holy book of Gita, the Vedas and the Upanishads, as he was about his flourishing company.

He could predict about people’s lives and he did not do it with anyone and everyone. He used to just talk and all of a sudden say something about someone and keep quiet. And he has always been right.

I do not know how he used to do that but I always still wish that I could have met him few more times and learn more about practicality and life and more importantly, the road to do things your way, your business and your hard work and as he lovingly used to put it, your profits.

He started his life from working in a hotel with a very modest beginning and reached to positions where almost everyone he met was influenced by him to the very core. He had an amazing charisma and optimistic vigor that he carried with him. It was probably this vibe which took him to the pinnacle of accomplishment and showered respect and laurels on him from scores of big shots from around the world.

The story of his never quit attitude sounds mesmerizing as he had told that to me once.

He told me that one day, when he had finished his work in the small time hotel where he was working, he saw that some customer had left a book on the seat. It was about midnight till when he had finished his that days errands and he was about to hit the sack, when something pulled him again towards that book. That book was about making something, something that was supposed to get things clean.

Hmmmmm……. Clean. He said to himself. Clean is good. Let me know more about this, he thought. Various optimistic possibilities flashed across his mind instantaneously. He started reading it page by page and before he looked around, it was already morning and his shift was about to start. He was fascinated by what he had read, but work was very much important to fetch him that day’s food. So he let the book in his small cloth bag that he had and got back to work.

The thought kept ringing in his head again and again.

That night after work he jotted down the things that were said to be required and asked those around, of things he did not understand what they meant. He tried to get as many of those as possible with him and replaced few others with what the people around had told.

He followed what was mentioned in the book and instead of using machines he manually grounded and got a thick paste with him in just few hours. It had no proper smell as he recalls, “I must have missed out on the fragrance part to be added as I did not have anything for that aspect back then.” But whatever he had got, he tried to put them in a box and tried them on the dishes and Woolah! They were clean in a jiff and looked a lot shinier.

He loved the concept and he began his dream and created Chitra Soap works and in the next three decades went global. His products were well known for their quality and cost and as years rolled by, he put scores of people on the job and built his dream neat and clean.But more so, with his intense sense of humor and immense technical knowledge and his pure business instinct, he touched a million lives on the way to the pedestal.

I don’t know why, but I remembered him very much today as I thought about something with respect to accepting my fear about something rather than hide and make it grow. At the end of it when the approach clicked to my advantage and I felt so proud that I had taken a brilliant decision at the end of the day, it just hit me hard as a bar of soap, and I came to my senses touching the fragrance of the whole story.

I was able to recollect something that had happened so long back and I started jotting down all that I recollected him telling me about life, faith, hard work and money.

So that may be, just maybe, someday, I grow up to be at least a third as brilliant, innovative and knowledgeable like him, just May be…. Someday……. As he told me always………. Never give up on your dream, whatever it might be……. Just never give up.

He is someone I always remember in my prayers and someone whom I hope is safe and happy up there in the company of the powerful almighty. 

Be well


Ananthanarayanan V

November 4, 2007 at 2:55 am 5 comments

My Coffee: A case to begin all cases………



case to begin all cases

case to begin all cases

A case to begin all cases:

A nice cup of hot black coffee and a good speed internet connection, that’s all that counts!

A nice cup of hot black coffee and a good speed internet connection. With that of course god’s ultimate gift to mankind “MEMORY”. The world seems so beautiful.

People say memories of the past and anxiety of the future ruins our present. Well, I can’t talk too much about future and pressures as in today’s chaotic world I am one of those blessed individuals whose job so to say is one of the least stressful jobs on earth.

I am a teacher.

I got myself few diplomas, a degree, few certifications and a secure (a term which has become almost obsolete) job in a MNC about 5 years back. I was into the creative art and animation as a hobby for as long as I can remember. For it gave me a peace of mind and a lot of calmness to relax that every inch of tensed muscle in my body. Soon, I had made that hobby my work so I never had to feel the pressure of work again. So I said to myself.

I Left my “secure job” and 3 years had passed. Then one day, I met a young chap (meaning someone of my age, 5 years ago…. That is to say, I was a lot younger and more immature then….and life was good). He came to me and said, “Ananth, I am changing my job. I am shifting back to finance field where I was.” Hmmm…. Another one of my kind, I thought…with that doubt in mind… He continued, “Yes, I know there will be heavy pressure and I won’t enjoy doing it, but at least I will have some respect for what I do but could not handle the pressure of doing a job which especially in India, if more so related to the field of art hardly gets any recognition and respect even from those most close to you.” I told him to sleep over it. Give it some more thought. And not change the field just because he was unable to cope up with the pressure of being related to the field of art. He used to teach and freelance for money, the most important and easily understood term today.

Finally he did not leave the field, but left the job, saying may be some other work environment might cheer him up and provide more mental support to continue what he is doing. He left the job after a lot of convincing and fights with his seniors that he was sure he would not want to continue for personal reasons. He came back home and made few calls and got into another institute with a better pay scale to maybe, just may be help him gain more confidence in talking to his family and friends now that he had a job which was paying him literally as good as an engineer with an MBA or a CA/CS (naming them because even today, these are supposedly the more and most desirable jobs, trust me).

Few days later, while he had got well adjusted to this environment and was getting back home at 11:30pm from Andheri back home he met a kid sitting on the pavement opposite to the well known Leela hotel from where he was just coming out after his corporate presentation. He just stopped for a moment and then rushed back to the kid.

This19 year old was his student from the earlier institute. After a long discussion, this chap realized that after he had left the earlier place it had been 3 months since and still that institution had found none to replace him. Result was the fees from students were collected regularly and those deferring payments were put into defaulters and fined. But there were no sessions happening. There was no faculty.

This kid was a cobbler’s son with a bright & creative mind. So to say had been lured by the famous lines of getting the BIG moolah and glamour that the creative industry was posed to him by those selling it so much that he fought and convinced his dad to arrange for that huge sum for his diploma in animation course as he was somehow convinced that this industry holds for him all the riches and would take him to another level. He would get a pay check of at least Rs.8-10K to start with and sky would be his limit with his abilities and skills. Now he had ended up paying all that he could, his dad was down till his neck in debts and to worsen the case, there were no classes being conducted because of lack of faculties.

So much to say, the course and the infrastructure were anyway not up to the mark. Then both( the sir and his ex-student) tried for a lot of legal ways to help out for refund, but the system was so jacked up that they found themselves being mocked by society more and more and there was no justice at all. His dad, the cobbler died of a heart attack. He had no job and this course was finished by some emergency trainer who had little idea of how to go about with the course and needless to say there was no learning and no job for this kid. He now sits on the streets mending shoes just like his father.

Talk to him about Photoshop and flash, his eyes lit up and then die off with that same speed and intensity. That young chap and trainer came back home that day realizing that he was not just working and he did not just have a job. But as a teacher he had a huge social responsibility of taking good care of a noble profession which is sad to say becoming a faint identity. He now teaches and trains whenever anyone asks him if he has the time and not so just on the basis of monthly fees to the real needy. He has to face societal brunt for that. But at least he sleeps peacefully.

The above story is for any noble profession today. Be it delivering education or something as massively important as saving lives as in a doctor’s job. There are very few doctors’ who take cases without that patient fulfilling the basic formalities of “FEES”.
There have been so many a lives put in stake and so many futures given to shape by these noble professions, but in today’s social pressures, unless there is money involved there is no value for life or knowledge.

We are talking today about nuclear pacts, global warming. But what happened to those who are living at the tip of a life nothing less than a volcano mountain, ready to burst at any point of time. Their only mistake is of being born in a poorer section of the society. Their lives and pains are simply put out with simple lines by big time money makers as “Only the fittest will survive” (I guess they had the privilege of studying Darwin’s theories, “They cannot handle today’s competitive pressure” and only those with power and money will survive.

We close the above mentioned miseries with such simple lines learnt in our MBA class and big corporate chairs not even realizing that in this way we are going against war with our own people. If such noble professions today start refusing service just for the sake of money and if the society supports that, why are we even discussing a green world, a better technology and happy world? All that you do always comes back to you then and there. Life is as simple as that. So if we refuse help knowingly or with pure bliss of ignorance it is going to hit us back some day soon. Life is not just about numbers and targets. It’s about Lives and a smile.

Wouldn’t life be more fun if there were good competition and great learning all around us? Did not we feel happy in school when we were put against a large chunk of students and asked to compete? So why not help everyone raise the bars and lead a life of greater significance. Why not deal with the current misery, bureaucracy and corruption and actually kill the problems at their root cause. I get scores of mails and calls everyday from parents and people asking me where do I put my kid for further studies?
I am not a counselor or someone of that level to advice, so I don’t. I keep numb as even if I did I am sure I would be falling short of places and institutions both big and small to recommend today.

I know so many doctors and teachers today who have refused to render their honest and very much possible services to people because of lack of their ability to pay money. I am not asking you to do charity as all of us need to survive. But only that, do keep in mind that whatever you do, you are affecting someone or the other and what you can decide is HOW you affect them.
Remember, life has a way of balancing itself, what goes will come back. So the next time you decide not to cure a patient or teach a student for the sake of money alone Please think twice. As your decision is not just another corporate rule, it’s a way of life.

You have the power to be true to what you have sworn to do. To make the country a better place is not the government’s duty. It’s those who have given that power to the government to take good care of our HUGE family, our world.

So grow and let grow as it’s not everyone’s privilege to say that all I need today is “A nice cup of hot black coffee and a good speed internet connection, that’s all.” I know the great mentors like the Mahatma and Swami Vivekananda are gone. But a bit of their souls rests in all of us. So let’s try to search and find them, take all the pieces and get them back. That’s possible only if all our heart and minds would act as one. Everyone has come across some day something like this to say, to make a difference, to make impact…. A case to begin all cases. I apologize if I bored you and wasted your precious time with so many words and story but what can I say…… I am paid for it!

August 24, 2007 at 6:34 am 36 comments

Be more ambitious!

Interpretations Of the Technical Mind: “BE MORE AMBITIOUS

 Hello There,

 I am Ananthanarayanan.V.

 The Article here speaks about me pondering on my 25 th birthday this year for just one word that has been driving me at times to the edge of my life with great strength and it is what we term as PASSION “. Passion, would be a very subjective term as it means different things for different people, so I was looking at its closest synonym. Passion, is anything that can drive one to an extent to which all that is visible is to achieve and acquire that which is desired. I just turned an 180from my chair and  I saw my company’s Logo, that read ” BE More Ambitious “. I kept repeating that word and bingo, it hit me that passion for any technical individual is pure ambition. Ambition to become famous, acknowledged, acquire Higher Skills, tremendous growth, more and faster growth and it all screamed of one word : The Rising Moolah! Let’s face it, at the end of the day if we cannot turn our skills, ideas, concepts to creating and converting it into money, how much use is the extra Drive within us. I had participated in a discussion forum few months back referred to as ” Genesis of the Human Mind “, this heading now keeps screaming to me about the major vote for our debate where we spoke about giving back and thus winning in the long run, for a permanent recognition in the market. So it was Philosophy and Market Capitalization combined. Hey, we are entering into a new era of realization, aren’t we?

 So where am I going with all this. I started with the word, Passion. Went on to the Logo with a slight shift from my usual seat and looked around and Devoured the meaning of our Logo, connected it to the dots of growth and finally touched the humble act of ultimate gain which I refer to as ” GIVING “. This is how we, Humans evolve slowly from the basic needs to the most powerful form of all beings and becoming what I would love to really be ” IMMORTAL “. The easiest way to become immortal is by forming an institution and then making it grow as the kindest and the biggest thirst of any human being is ” KNOWLEDGE “.

 How do I come to that conclusion?

 Who is richer, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Swami Vivekananda. I am not a spiritual leader who is going to give you a series of quotes and Prove what is Universally true. I am a technical person, so I will go for my traditional use of formulas to prove What is true. 

Richness = Gains – Sacrifices, so we have Gains and Sacrifices on either side.

 What did Bill gates and Warren Buffet acquire, tons and tons of money, fame and respect with some raised eyebrows. Now what are they doing : Giving back to the world as much as they can. And what did the swami do, took nothing and kept giving and what did he get, Immortality. He has been worshipped for generations and will be for centuries to come. SO will, the Mahatma and Mother Teresa. What did these people have : Money – No, A stylish and rich life – No, Respect – Yes, Admiration – Yes, Influence – The greatest. I met few foreigners in Singapore last month and we were talking about the power of the mind and they asked me where I was from, when I said India they immediately said : Oh! From the Mahatma’s land. So what makes the world drop everything and go on a hunger strike with the tiny looking fragile being, what makes the most so referred to as rich and powerful quiver in front of the swami and bow in front of his teachings and what makes the presence of Mother Teresa so truly powerful. It is their act of giving as much as one can without expecting a smile in return.  So who has won the game of the three, those who acquired it all and now are giving it all back or those who have been constantly giving and leaving their prints in our mind, body and soul forever. So here the sacrifice made has won because of the credibility status it has gained. For the statements made by these great and in real terms powerful people is what we call as not INFORMATION, but pure ” KNOWLEDGE “. SO the Swami won.

 So what has this to do with my company’s logo. Everything. As I read the logo my Intellect started calculating all the gains I have made in the last 1 year in the organization. What did my Balance sheet show me. There were no Liabilities, though my tax deductions seem to say otherwise. Just kidding. So what have I gained. Am I glad about the performance benefit given to me. My smirk from the face flew away and my mind was calm. In the 1 year with this organisation, that I have been associated here I have acquired tons of laminated cards and greeting cards and personal emails in scores from students at the end of every batch expressing their ” THANKS “. It was just one word that we use so casually most of the times that made me feel weak in my knees and so emotional. In reality was I being a Mahatma or a Swami, Oh dear god! Even thinking something like that would be a Capital Crime. I am just like a candle in front of the Sun. I have been just like any other ordinary person purely driven by the passion of My field and my desire to grow really fast and as a wise man once said, The easiest way to Success is to perform at least three times your level. So I did all this just being motivated to grow bigger and higher in career and prospects. And I gained so much in return. So much more. SO every institution which runs and succeeds with pomp and style, it’s actually a celebration of the People, the masses and those who have applied this knowledge derived from our esteemed fellow brothers and sisters imparting that knowledge to them for their personal growth and the society’s growth in general. So now let me sum up all this talk and take only the BIG words and try putting it together.

 Greatness, Reach, Spreading, Generous, Institution, Influence, Act, Ponder, Giving, Money, Richness, Fame, Immortal, Service, Value and knowledge.

  Any institution which is built on the foundation of giving, any individual who ponders & thrives on the belief of innovating at any cost and any organization with true values of being a pure service sector to the society will  immensely grow  through the act of generous giving with a true mission statement, will spread out the good word and stay alive for generations and be referred to as A POWERFUL MOVEMENT and thus grow up to be finally above all fame, money and power and be IMMORTAL.

 So at the end of this discussion, the conclusion is :

  To Grow rich and powerful and influence the world all we need to do is drive ourselves with pure passion and ambition and strive for our growth as Experts by spreading what we have gained and just simply – ” BE MORE AMBITIOUS “.

 If all of this sounded too philosophical to you then I have achieved my goal as spreading of any good thing today in this modern era which is otherwise so consumed by ” greed ” is in our term referred to as being ” PHILOSOPHICAL “. So let’s all get more philosophical and grow by Innovation ,Intelligence and Impact and just get IMMORTAL.

 Be well


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