About The Author(s)

Our Author(s):


1. Mr.Ananth V

2. Mr. Blessedart

3. Ms.karishma S

4. Mr. Anandha P

5. Mr. Aditya K

6. Ms. Aishwarya K

7. Mr. Anjeneyan A

8. Mr. Shivansh J


Of Our regular contributors to the blog, the Author whose creative writing has contributed in maximum to the art & passion of writing to our personal blog, is Mr. Ananthanarayanan V from Mumbai city, India.


Excerpts from his interview after his book release:


1. How has your association been with TD studios?

I am thankful to TD studios to have given me this amazing platform to reach out to so many readers through this blog and their support for the successful Launch of my Poetry book “Expressions” in India and abroad.

Even though I am no longer associated with them as of date, it’s been a great privilege to publish my flow of words through their blog across. Writing is my passion and I am glad to have a medium, like this platform for the same.


2. You seem to have rich experience in an amazingly varied cross functional environment; can you tell us something about that?

To be honest, my work has not even fully begun. I am still at the learning stage of my Life. As for my past 6 years of Professional Work experience, I am grateful to have had wonderful exposure from Advertising agencies, Educational institutes to help me cater to varied services ranging from Animation to Publication and to implement my cross functional skills to fields ranging from Sales to Account management coupled with creative brand initiatives for brands like, ING, NPCIL, Kingfisher, Lee, Wrangler, WSI, NIIT, Aptech, TD studios etc.


3. You have always been associated with different NGO’s especially over the last 3 years and recently we read about your initiative in DNA for another NGO. How do you take time out for all of this in your schedule?

It is something that I do for my room here on earth so I would not want to discuss much on it.


4. Your Book Expressions has got you early accolades from all across the globe and got many critics give you a BIG YES. What would you like to say about that?

I am thankful to all my readers for their support and their views on my writings. I am extremely grateful to the Times of India team for their coverage on the same. As for critics, I have learnt so much from them; it has definitely humbled me over the years.


5. Thank you Ananth, thank you for your time.

Thank you very much.


Few of the author’s sites & Blogs:







This Author has a Post Graduate Certification in Management from IIM Indore and has done in Diploma’s in Advertising  & PR and is a well know Internationally certified 3D Artist. Has done his graduation in Commerce from Mumbai university and as he always quotes, “The Learning curve for me will never end”


He has been recently nominated for the “RASHTRIYA GAURAV AWARD”……….



2. The other Auhtor is Blessedart as he is fondly referred to as.

He is a “Creativetech – writer” with skills more than his own knowledge about varied fields. He has his diploma in different domains and is a highly skilled Technology driven 3d animator.


Blessedart about His Passion:

Name: Call me Blessedart, what else…..

Qualifications: Commerce graduate with Diplomas in Creative domains

Mentor: Mr. Ananth V who has guided me when he was associated with TD studios

Dreams: To pursue my writing and 3d animation and give the world a surprising masterpiece one day soon…..


3. Third Author:

Ms. Karishma S

She is a Senior Web developer in Mumbai.

An engineer by profession and a fantastic Poet by choice and skill

Calm and serne by Nature and skilled in Web technology like it is her life’s supply….

We are looking forward to her Poetry book release very soon……


4. Fourth Author:

Mr. Anandha P

Well, here is a highly Professional Finance wizard who has just begun enjoying penning down thoughts with us.


About him:

A senior Finance master working at India’s biggest Investment Corporations

A Chartered Accountant and a CFA from USA


5. Fifth Author:

Mr. Aditya K

The Young Talent entrant….

As amazingly talented are his write ups, the joy to read them is only doubled with his skills of putting down the minutest details to give us a direct feel of his experiences….


6. Sixth Author:

Ms. Aishwarya K

Another Young Talent entrant. As witty as her sense of humor are seen in her stories. Awaiting to hear a lot more from this young kid soon….

7. Seventh Author:

Mr. Anjeneyan A

Here is a corporate head with never a loss for words.  A mentor for scores and a man with a powerful & distinct identity, both as a Senior – Executive in one of India’s most influential business names and also as a caring individual.

About him:

He is a Company Secretary from Institute of Company Secretaries of India and is mentor to many of the emerging professionals in his field.


 8. Eighth Author:

 Mr. Shivansh J

The amazing new addition to the Young Talents Section. Great writing style with loads of characters and plots giving us an experience and taking us through the magical fables that he weaves around us…..




2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Girish  |  August 22, 2008 at 11:13 am

    Hello Mr. Ananth. Your articles and your blog style is very unique. Liked most of your write ups, especially,
    CHoked by a crab and Even this will pass. superb articles



  • 2. vriti  |  July 12, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    Very imaginative story..Good way to start…waiting toi read another story of yours soon.

    To Shivansh

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