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Over the past few months, we at TECHDIVINE have been getting quite a few e-mails, enquiring about so many different things on blogging and websites. So we thought, why not list down few of those which were asked repeatedly, post them here and probably even try to link them up with answers / sites / links as possible solutions to those queries:

1.        Which would be the best blog site to start with?

There are plenty of sites offering blog start ups for free and for purchase. One best example is our very own WORDPRESS


2.        What would you suggest on Group writing for articles on blogs?

Group writing can be for both, writing for getting feedback from groups and write with teams collaborating with other writers on a particular project.

It helps. As in both cases, others critique and give feedback on your writing and you get to collaborate with other writers on projects. It may also help one to refine and polish their writing skills through group interaction and regular critiquing.


3.       What is ‘tag writing’ & ‘blogroll’

Tags are words with which you create a connection with your writing to make it searchable by others looking to read or know similar queries / articles / information / topics. For example, if I am writing on a gizmo watch, i can tag it as Watch, Gadget Watch, Gizmo watch etc. You can reach the link here to know more on SEO

Blogroll is a feature of blogs, wherein you connect others landing on your blog to different sites of yours

 eg. The Current site / blog where user is let’s say: http://techdivine.com/tdblog and there is a link from here to TDForum


4.       Some real good blogging sites where one can get for free / pay a nominal sum and blog, write their daily diary to World news to fitness etc. and may be even get feedback from readers, but discuss on any topic under the sun.

 Techdivine’s site on CREATIVE WRITERS BLOG is a fantastic example of that to start with. Here so many different authors have got an opportunity to blog and write on subjects that they enjoy discussing all around. Plus they get feedback, critique from readers, writers across.

There are also sites on Freelance writing blogs on specific news etc like www.instablogs.com


5.       How do we decide on interesting writing articles?

Weird, we can’t.

We write (usually) because we want to write.

When we start writing because others want to read, it may end up being just a ‘regular job’. And the passion may get drawn out of it.

Still, if you want to, you can search for popular topics across the world and write on those.


6.       On, Writing on Popular authors

We would suggest, reading popular authors or discussing them, their styles and skills with writing groups, peers etc to learn and grow


7.       Using  pictures on blog

It is a great idea. Always try to do that. Graphic / pictorial appeal always works well. But make sure, you add an image web source and that the images do not have copyrights or restrictions on use by the owner of the images (clicked / created)




8.       How important is writing blogs for upcoming authors

Blogging is simply expressing, sharing your thoughts with the world. You can use text, photos, videos and so much more to make your article to connect with readers. Blogging does not try to replace the traditional writing, but make it more easy to share with refined tools across the globe. It makes writing ‘more’ with rich feedback, inputs, easily possible.


9.       Some really good Free Blogs

www.wordpress.com  www.blogger.com  www.livejournal.com


10. What are RSS feeds and how are they useful

RSS feeds are links that help us to subscribe to a particular topic / forum or website link. It helps both the users and site owners to keep track and update each other of new events / topics etc

An example of RSS with TD Blog would be Click here to Subscribe for FREE: RSS


10.   Through blogging am I a renegade writer



11.   How do we improve writing skills

By writing more, religiously, passionately and seeking advice, views, critique from all those who know about writing and even those who don’t (‘coz they are probably the ones who end up reading it). Be Passionate about it (check this out – Deepak Chopra)


12.   What is creative writing

Creative writing is considered to be any writing, fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, and technical forms of literature.


13.   Who are some prominent successful writers

Too many. Google them around and so many quality writers you would find. You can go to TDFORUM

Forum Title in the site: Book Discussion Forum and Nobel Prize Forum to participate, share, read and keep track of it more.


14.   If I want to blog / be an author in your Techdivine site, what is the process involved. Can I send some of my literature and mail you. Should I contact your site admin.

No, please do not send across any works of yours unless it’s requested.

But, for being an author in our site / blog, you can contact our admin at techdivine@gmail.com  for more info.

There are also some Interesting writing contests going on in our site TD Site Contest


Keep reading, Keep blogging……



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  • 1. rija k  |  July 11, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    first time seeing a blog with so many authors, so much contests, content and best, so much of topic subjects from every area.



    rija k

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