“Promoting Conspiracy, deceit and vengeance”

April 6, 2009 at 9:13 pm 1 comment




CLOUDED JUdgements

CLOUDED JUdgements


Yet another negative side of, Recession: It’s Not just about Jobs:


Over the years, calamities, terrorism, economic depression and such scores of slumps have brought about chaos, corruption and coldness among peers and groups.


This time, the global chillness of the yet oncoming and growing recession is already seen taking tolls on not just one’s pocket but majorly amongst lives of one another.


It’s a cat eating dog world today, it actually has been for long, but it’s very much out in the open now.


The world with advent of technology has shrunk into a global village today and with that so have the virtues and the sense of integrity in general.


I am not trying to sound philosophical at all, not even close….


Yet, this is what we can see all around us. With jobs being lost, with money being spent on everything that can have a negative impact on the society, with certain media sections and groups literally going ‘Media crazy’ for sponsors so much as they tweak the news, spoil the plots, anger the mob and even agitate the crowds at time just to get the ratings up without care and concern of its social implications at large.


The situation is only getting worsened.


The concern for the performer, the guidance to the one with high levels of integrity and loyalty is being reciprocated majorly with good old office politics.


Where are we heading to…….


Give in your comments………………………..


Post in your views




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  • 1. Silhouette....  |  April 12, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    Hey Ananth ,

    nice perception of the current scenario…

    Office politics always existed but now it ihas become a game of “WHO DARES WINS” … so who dares to play the dirtiest and is able to increase his power .. and hence his importance in an organisation ..continues to be a part of the rat race …
    probably honesty , sincerity and hardwork are being tagged as “NEGATIVE” these days … hence performer suffers ..
    People will go to any level to save themselves and their work …
    Hopefully the situation should improve before the “values repercussion” in society becomes irreversible…
    LEts just hope for the best 🙂


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