RIE Mysore: Only TIME will tell….

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changing time



I believe in dreams…. I work towards a probable destiny but yet, the concept of the TIME god scares the living hell out of me… I am just another ordinary guy scurrying around in the rat race of life.
Travel has taught me more about life and people than any formal education could ever have. I find myself surrounded by millions of my rodent friends each trying to grab a piece of their share of the cheese everyday.


Failure has never scared or pulled me back as some power greater than all beings has been generous enough to grant me the ability to bounce back every time till date. I have been told not to think too much as all we need is to keep doing our part of the routine and not worry about what’s in store.



The probability of failure has never impeded me as an area of concern but what I did and all that I could have done makes me feel the pulse of the kicking prey on the crafty spider’s web at all times.



My idea of travel is not just to make a livelihood. In the process, I learn so much from all that is superior and great and observe and comprehend the don’ts from around, that travel has a larger count to my daily learning.



I was at RIE Mysore this whole week.



The sheer simplicity of the place humbled me to the core in the sense that right from the passionate research and innovation of culture, learning and customs that happens over there by the masters shrinks down the egotism of the self.

This place had just the most basic needs to stay and the most necessary things to Live. It has knowledge and information to the core, depending on how and how much you can take and share.



My daily count of learning has helped me enhance my knowledge of life, people and processes so much that the thirst to act on it has only increased manifold over the years. Hence the fiery desire to perform and contribute seems to be doubling everyday within me. Life has taught me over the years that the maturity to deal with things is more important than the ability to resolve.



TIME has taught me from Life and observation that there is none powerful than TIME itself. All we possess are the skills and passion to grow and let grow and if that seems to be missing, I guess its time to let go.



I seem to now understand why real education and actual learning are of prime importance today as they embed values more than anything else and empower us with the ability to fight, shield, defend and emerge from our daily actions.



But when it all ends…. Will we be known for what we did or would we be remembered for the change we brought ….. I guess… Only TIME will tell….



Till then… keep learning and keep growing…


Be Well


 Ananth V


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