Life cannot get any better…..

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Life cannot get any better…..

That felt so right in my dreams yesterday. Yes I would like to call my most recent weekend as dreams as things were so clear and so sweet. As one of my favorite quote goes, “Life is so clear in a dream, but when you wake up….it’s a blur!”

I spent two half days in the last 2 days with some of the sweetest and most talented people I know. I spent my lovely evenings with few of my nieces and nephews (Rithi, Ritish, Swati, Kaushik, Dishha & Alishha) and am about to meet two more of my sweet little niece and nephew by this weekend (Aishwarya & Shivam).

And what I quoted above is what I felt at the end of both days…… Life cannot get any better…..

These kids are in the age range of 4 – 15 and trust me when I am saying this, I learnt a lot of things on how to behave with elders from the smallest two kids and on how to be filled with passion from the rest. These kids know it all, from trekking to playing the keyboard, from painting to building awesome structures and trains, from elocutions to giving the most innocent and true smile one could see.

I learnt something very wonderful from each of them yesterday and finished my second book and my first Literature young fiction work finally after 10 months of work. The final draft will be starting by the end of the week and it should be hopefully ready soon and all thanks to my little sweet dreams of joy and hope, my little angels.

As kids, we never stop exploring, we never stop trying and we never stop questioning. The resultant effect, we never stop Learning, isn’t it?

It’s only when we grow we become “MATURE” individuals and think a million times before asking someone for help, for honestly giving a smile and curiously looking at someone with a million questions on our face.

One of my little angels said something about her friend and I asked her if she had a fight why would she want to talk to her again. She said the sweetest thing, “Mama, I was having cough and cold and was very tired some days back. So when she called so many times, I did not talk to her and mommy forgot to tell her I have fever. She got very upset with me. But she did not shout to me. SO may be when she got angry yesterday she was also not well. So I am anyway going to call her today and speak to her. She is my friend na.” This little kid is 4 years old, believe it or not. Just 4 years old.

We grow up and many a times forget that may be the other person could not do or say something because he/she was sick….. you know what I mean? And then we fall into the phase of what is termed in Human dynamics and Behavioral patterns as a classic example of “Attribution theory error” that is to say that, “he or she behaved so immaturely/ rudely” etc…. and when it comes to our reaction to things we always look at the circumstances that surrounded us because of which we reacted how we did. We justify things when we do it and not in others case. It s just like a boss saying the project did very well and It has to, I had put my heart and soul into it…..or in other case as oh the project failed and was obvious , my team was chaotic and should have cooperated better. The only thing that becomes easy when we grow is apparently the blame game.

SO what we see when we compare our behavior with the kids of today? Is the innocence officially lost? Has apparently “Practical” approach superseded our possible dreams? Has the “SUPEREGO” gone above the ego where one would learn to be more rational and in other words harsh and unnerving to other people’s feelings? I learnt to be more human because of those kids in the last two days and have found out few things and how to deal with things, with people and put it into use in my life. I can guarantee it would be better. At least my behavior would be more human with others. I hope so……

When I say all this I take a look back at my lovely school days when even a new table in the class used to pump up so much of anxiety, smile and happiness of what’s going to be the next change, will we shift to a new classroom, will all the benches be changed, etc.

Yesterday and the day before I heard my 4 year old two nieces using terms like “it was denied to him and it is not correct” , “that’s ok, we will make a new one if it breaks” etc. and I said to myself, my god….. Iff I would have been that mature at that age, hell…..if I could be that mature at this age…..Life would be so different and so much better.

These kids in the last 2 days have made me ponder over so many simple things in life that we can get happiness and peace from. No wonder they are said to be as sweet as the Lord himself. No wonder their innocence brings in so much happiness when we look at their faces.

They inspired me so much with their wit, their art works, their way of thought, I felt I was reborn. I took in and savored every single moment with them and can only hope that I get to see them and be around them more often and be a kid again…only this time a smarter and sweeter kid, just like them…..

God bless and be well

Ananthanarayanan V



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