The Learning Curve!

April 9, 2007 at 2:55 am 1 comment

This write up is for all those questions which came to me last month asking which program should I go for, which university / institution I should go for: “I cannot advice, but only COMMENT!”

’’ Learn for the sake of learning ’’ – We are Indians, proud Indians. More brilliant than any individual globally. Intelligent, passionate and hard working , we are. Right ! Yup. That’s about it… what else do we have that we say we own… let me see.. How about ’’ LACK OF QUALITY EDUCATION ’’ – ’’ OR IS IT ’’ LACK OF INTEREST TO LEARN ’’ Let’s explore it SHALL WE?

Education is a business … yes it is. Nobody is here for charity dear. All come to either earn or learn. It depends on what your priority is, what you are looking for. A degree , a certificate from a reputed name or do you actually have the guts to learn for the sake of passion, a term which has become almost extinct.

Now, coming to our topic – Lets first know that We ( INDIA ) lack in quality education and why wouldn’t we. We have heard it all.. Colleges cheating and exploiting its students, private training institutes taking huge fees and taking the students for a ride, schools threatening students to shell out unnecessary fees and amount. The news you heard and read were major contributions from Sheer Business tactics and lack of responsibility on part of the students who are ready to entertain such exploitation from colleges, schools, institutes, etc… Remember ’’ NOBODY CAN INSULT YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION ’’ don’t ask what the country has done for you, but what you have done for the country as what you seek .. Is what u honestly get. You need shiny computer labs, posh front office depot, ’’REPUTED COLLEGE DEGREES ’’ you get them all but you ask for good education too in a country like ours with such corrupt individuals and a society that lacks a wider perspective towards life, which encourages political stories but not better technological upgradation to help our students, better uniforms, better ’’ looking ’’ institutes but not real education. I don’t know where to stand and whom to support, the institutes or the students as from my personal experience BOTH lack responsibility and are ready to get exploited.

Institutes in INDIA today from our very dear MUMBAI – UNIVERSITY to every dream degree and every other college today has been held for some corrupt methodology at some point or the other. We and our government are concerned about what should be the dress code and not what is actually going on inside their colleges and schools labs, washrooms and with the kind of society we are forming into its just going to get worse.

Lets’ face it :

1. We lack higher professional training .. Students study so hard and a simple excuse.. Papers have leaked, exams will be held next week. Who is responsible. The students, those selling it, or sheer lack of responsibility of the Institutes.. It’s pathetic.


2. We lack technological upgradation – we ( STUDENTS ) will adopt western style, their dressing trends, their lifestyle of premarital relationships, dating , alcohol,etc.. but no we will not stand up if colleges exploit us, if schools and institutes take us for a ride, oh no , we are too busy just doing NOTHING productive.

3. we want to learn to show the world our degrees, our certificates, but ask us one question about our specialization and we will faint, why , why not learn from someone who can actually teach you something. why run after big names when you can gain professional expertise through proper training from the REAL MASTERS. few good and awesome institutes that come to my mind – National Institute of Design -AHMEDABAD, IIM ( A and I – on a personal experience front)has a teaching staff brilliant and down to earth, a tough combination to acquire, IIT ( excellent staff – especially faculties very down to earth and they want to guide you – please keep it that way always ).

4. We can’t fight corruption – why – because it would not exist if was not entertained by the masses and that’s going to go on so what can we do to actually learn.

Learn with passion. Do what you really feel like doing. Study for the sake of gaining knowledge. And any good knowledge that you possess … spread it around it only keeps coming back.. trust me. Use the internet for finding people who are really fabulous in providing tech expertise and training to you.. learn from actual work, always have the keen desire to keep yourself above the rest and stay at the top.. nothing can then beat you from actually learning what you want to and PLEASE always stand up to false claims made by colleges, schools, institutes, classes…. it will make a difference.

Lets understand that the institutes are here to sell, to make money and those days of wanting the students to be someone great are gone.. because they never came from societies or schools.. but from few individuals who wanted our country and our citizens to grow stronger , so learn well and there is honestly no specific technique to choose your right college as every experience differs from every student as their needs do.

to conclude .. know that YES – EDUCATION is for sale, but not for the really learned.. so find them… and let them know that you really want to learn.. who knows may be even those D graded institutes/ colleges/ schools may churn up people who in turn may end up making the world a Better Learning Ground.

So don’t choose institutes because they are reputed or looking loaded with great infrastructure… if needed check up personally on who are the faculties, what are the technological facilities installed in the campus, meet the staff, the college students and know what you are getting into and would you really acquire what you seek when you enroll for a particular course in the INSTITUTE.

The Learning curve never ends. So keep Learning and keep growing.

God Bless and be well



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  • 1. Sakshi  |  April 9, 2007 at 8:06 am

    I 100% agree with you abaout the sad state of education in this country…i actually want to thank u for writing an article like this….
    the most ignored aspect (rather one out of the most ignored aspects of our country) happens to be the Education system,rite from the primary level; as pointed out by TD institutes are privately owned Schools are not centralized every state has a different bored…for the ones who are not aware…there CBSC and ICSE sys followed in the north, while HSC in many states like mumbai … however the problem is the levels of these bored are completly different, its a huge problem for the student if he/she is transfered to a different state, to adjust to the brand new level and model of education, especially if you are brought up to follow a particular pattern!
    students at that age are a bit to young to understand the issue at hand and stand up for themselves, but as TD said INDIA is a fabulouse country with fabulouse talent and the reason why everything is taken for granted is because WE dont question authority. We take everything on ourselves and struggle through it…which is a good thing, but is it really that good? cuz i feel its exactly this atitude that gives the “chalta hai ” attitude to the country.
    Its a shame the we, as students, are so consumed blindly aping the west(west:read America)that most of the issues at hand are lost, its pathetic to see most of the youth living in a sort of ‘state of self denail’.

    any way that is the lurning curve../smooth at times, not so smooth at times…hope it turnes for the best.

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