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Life is too beautiful and By god : 


To pass positively & impactfully with our time out here, we need to live with an ATTITUDE. An attitude that will get you by anything and everything in life , which is made up of these factors , so easiest way to live up to YOUR EXPECTATIONS from life is follow them and life is going to be more simple and beautiful.

All of us are here for a reason. All of us have a dream. We are here just for a minor period of time, so LIVE it such that you know you have made every moment count.

We are Human beings, the most superior form of energy on earth and we Have HOPE to achieve all that we want to in life till we are breathing, so no man is a failure till he is forever gone. We cannot choose how , where and when we were born , we cannot choose when we will be gone but yes, we can choose how we will be remembered.


Thats allthat matters. What we did for ourselves and for others and how much have we influenced the world by our actions in the years to come that is our REAL FAME, Fortune and destiny. That what we finally leave behind is our LEGACY.

So, why get troubled with all the things that bother us in – between. Why stop and waste our UNBELIEVABLE precious TIME on those which have been said and done. The loss of a loved one, the loss of fame , fortune cause us so much pain… but JUST think about it. Do we not slowly realise that we have so much more we can offer and so much better we can do in this world after every bitter experience. Thus every act is a learning experience to teach us and prepare us for something that would actually be our REAL lives. And that for every individual on this planet is filled with mysteries to unveil. Do we not see people who have been living in rags suddenly turn to millionaires, people who have had bad relationships having a great life filled with LOADS of LOVE. So , that means OUR PORTION of success , love , fame is right there… just around the corner. Just wait a little while more and you will be there, with all that you have dreamed and desired of. Still, if you feel down you can go ahead and try these out. I am not a doctor, I am a poet , a preacher an animator and have been the teacher. I have lived through life like everyone with ups and downs and I have a major part of my life to Still LIVE and I am SO SURE i am going to make the best of it as I follow certain priNciples and rules in life which help me keep my mind free most of the time and guide me like an angel to the path of enlightenment.

The Rules :

9) Exercise / Yoga / Meditation : The best way to drive away any pain or depression i feel is to go out for a real early morning walk or jog or a run. The morning air is so fresh and if possible do this in a park where there are flowers and fresh smell of dew, mud, as it helps one to think fresh and you end up actually giving that much time for yourself and also be one with nature which has over the past centuries given us solutions for most of our troubles.

Yoga is arguably the easiest way to fight any illness – Obesity, body ache, acidity, and a heart ache. Yoga helps you to get back your concentration and frees your mind.

Meditation is another way of getting back to your regular life as when you actually do get back only then will you realise that there are so many who miss you and so many you miss, so much you need to do and so much that believe me – only you can get done.

8) Family / Friends / Doctor :

If you are close with ’’ ANY ’’ of your family members, JUST TALK to them. OR

Same as above with friends OR

go and talk to a professional who can help you out.

To consult a doctor for getting out of depression is like getting medication for fever as he knows how to deal with that and he will and has to give you a remedy and just like you would consult your family physician for your flu, you should consult a psychologist who has specialised in HUMAN BEHAVIOURAL PATTERNS to guide you through, after all… they too need to survive and they are good with what they do just like any other professional. SO at least you can go for their sake !

7) Freak Out, in a good way : Just Get out and be where you want to be. JUST BE FREE. DO all that you had wanted to do, attend parties, host parties, visit temples , roll over in beach, do it all and you will unknowingly get a huge load out of your system.

6) DIET: PAy more attention to your diet : 2 reasons : Firstly it would keep your mind fixed on your health and looks and you would not think about anything else and secondly lets face it : You will look better. That matters too right !

5) DO YOUR THING : Listen to great music if you enjoy that, PAINT if that gives you relief , workout … just do your thing. we all have something that we enjoy doing the most by ourselves , something that is very true to our identity. SO just do that and you might end up finding out some art or talent hidden in you that might just POP – UP. Art and music are the best ways to fight depression as both help you not only to concentrate on that talent but also bring out as in output something very beautiful and inspiring.

4) SPEND YOUR TIME : When you feel really depressed, give yourself the maximum time and do not ever think you are idling away. Giving your self some time alone with no things to discuss or talk or DEAL with any more might be all that you need at that point and by buying yourself some time you will be able to enjoy the smaller and more important things of life like the sound of the birds, the first ray of the sun, the starry sky…….

3) Know your dream ,desire and Purpose : Everyone has a goal a dream a desire and a purpose in life. we are not like pebbles or tress who just remain there , do their job of lying around or say give shelter and one day just fade off.

we have a higher goal in life. Realise that. Know what your real passion is as in LIFE, FRIENDS DONT OWE YOU AND FAMILIES DONT OWE YOU, NOBODY OWES NOBODY NOTHING. YOU OWE YOURSELF. The moment you realise that you know that you need to get back out there and do what you can do because only then will you do better than you could have done.

2) Live for the legacy : we have had loads of problems in our lives and its gonna be more but then again ,its going to get finally better. Did you not fall before you took your fist step or did you start hopping right from day one. You learnt it STEP BY STEP, fall after fall. So why hurry on life. You are growing up, not GROWN UP yet as you will never be grown up till your kid starts wearing your shoes and yelling at you for getting him / her a bad and not what I expected Birthday present. Then, know that life is good and you have made it worthwhile. So live for your legacy, your kids as they bring more happiness and laughter and hope finally than anybody else on this wide and big and crazy planet.

1 : SO live with passion, not hope as there is always hope for all, but passion is whats going to get you out of everything thats holding you back and get you that one word in full positivity : IMPACT.

SO read more, learn more from life, preach more and teach more as the more you give and share the more you finally get for yourself to spare.

Remember :

Nobody will remember you for what you were, or what you will be. The only thing thats going to matter is the one question that you should be able to answer to yourself finally:




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Be more ambitious!

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  • 1. neela shinde  |  April 18, 2007 at 6:10 pm

    Dear Ananth,
    We all want to lead a life of a passion but minus the pain!I thought of penning down this poem.

    Passion and pain are two sides of a coin
    Which side to flick? the decision is mine

    Flick it to enter the ecstasy called life
    But the path certainly is full of rife

    Passion has a shadow which is called pain
    Try to get rid of, it will make you insane

    Passion and pain are pebbles thrown in the sea
    Creating ripples after ripples of rhapsody

    Ripple of passion is rhythm of life
    rid pain from passion and it will not rhyme

    Neela Shinde

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