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Catch the Updated Blog

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Look at the image and Add Your Caption to us in Comments below or email Your comments to us at:  or to























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Hall Of Frame: Submit your artwork

Your Hall of Frame

Your Hall of Frame

Cool! Now add your creative and showcase to us in the BLOG!


Now CLick on Image, Downlaod it, Save it on Ur computer and Fill it with Your creative imagination!

And send it back to us…

If its great, we will showcase it on the Blog and otherwise, We will Give you feedback so improvise and again send it to us to put it on the blog, with Your Name, Your Photograph (If you send it to us) and YOUR CREATIVE Skill Imagery at our Hall of Frame!

You can use any creative skill For the same (Traditional Art / Computer graphics etc….)

So come on and Post in!

CLick on the image: Save it to your Computer: And add Your Creativity in the white space in between, Save it as a .jpeg / .jpg image and send it back to us With your info (name, email, Ur Photo)

Mail it to us at: with cc to:

DO write to us if you have any queries!

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Tools ‹ Creative Writers Blog — WordPress

Tools ‹ Creative Writers Blog — WordPress.

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BLINKX: Video Search engine: Don’t “blinkx” anymore


BLINKX : Video Indexing

BLINKX : Video Indexing


Thats’s right, now search and tag your videos too. Its not just text anymore, it’s pure technology and innovation speaking.

The world’s largest and most advanced video search engine. Tag them , search them, detect them now, yes, videos, sounds and images running across the website.

Blinkx was founded in 2004 by Suranga Chandratillake with a hugely successful IPO in London in 2007 and currently has a market capitalization of approximately US $ 350 Mn, with headquarters in San Francisco, CA and UK.

Blinkx launched its Video search engine technology innovation in 2005. It boasts over 35 Million hours of video indexed, ready and fully searchable.

Today, it  Powers video search for 3 of the top 5 search providers. And how does a user submit his / her content here.

Step up:

  • Go to
  • Load or located at the bottom of the blinkx home page, click on “Submit RSS”.
  • When you are there, enter in the URL of your RSS feed and a valid email address. Click “upload and verify feed”.
  • It’s as simple as that.

What else is cool: Something small and really cool: The Blinkx Pico:

Blinkx Pico, which is the world’s smallest search engine. Pico is a toolbar that sits at the top of your page and as you work, automatically brings back relevant information to what you are doing from the Web, news, TV and in the full version, your desktop. 

Pure Innovation raw technology:

The 35 million hours of video is searchable to a much deeper degree than the weak, manually-created, metadata-based approaches to video search of the past enabling pure indexing through moving images.

Videos in 3d Without the Glass!



Blinkx goes a step further and blinkx and ExitReality have developed a unique space for viewing and interacting with online video.

Users will be able to:

  • Search for, watch and chat about online video in social environments.
  • Collect virtual products such as the blinkx Video Wall, which can be customized with videos related to news, sports, entertainment, weather and more.
  • The blinkx Video Wall can be used to decorate any 3D space, or given to friends as virtual gifts.
  • Take blinkx products, such as flat screen televisions, to decorate their own 3D ExitReality spaces, such as the ExitReality apartments available on Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.
  • Invite friends over to watch videos available in blinkx’s index of more than 35 million hours of content.

So blink no more!

Image Source:


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National Creative Writing Contest for Schools across INDIA



 National Creative Writing Contest for Schools across INDIA

The very first National Creative Writing Contest for School Students across India

 Techdivine Creative Services celebrates its First year anniversary of its publication of Expressions, the unique coffee table poetry book & with that the launch of its successfully roaring ‘Creative Writing Community’  & ‘Intellectual Discussion Forum’ that have already crossed a hit subscription of over 20,000 reader hits & with over 1800 registered members across the globe in just the last three months…

As we celebrate, we would like to share this opportunity of blending both the worlds of Creative writing skills with the latest in technology trends of blogging, connecting and reaching across the globe.

‘Who better to share it with than the youth of today!’

We are proud to announce the Launch of our first National Creative writing contest ONLY for school students!

The National “Write-tech-know” Contest

The contest is open only for the top 20 students from each school, registered with us from across India.

For complete info on CONTEST DETAILS / SUBMISSION GUIDELINES / WINNERS / Registration details & on HOW TO add your school and Your school students for this amazing National Creative contest: write to us at our email ids given below

So, If you would want your school to be a part of this revolutionary contest of bringing both worlds together (Creativity & technology), write back to us at these email ids:  with a cc: to:

Please remember, Registration is restricted only to School Students: “Schools have to directly register with us with the names of their top 20 students”

Complete contest Info: GUIDELINES

It’s a great opportunity for your students to learn something new and explore into the vast potential of creative thinking! So, don’t wait, contact us today at this mail id with cc: to

For complete deatiled info: write to us at the mail ids given above!

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Transitions in Life!

Transition, change from the past, for the present
Transition, change from the past, for the present

Do we notice the imperceptible changes taking place around us?  Mostly not; unless compelled to do so.

The most common culprit of almost imperceptible change is age. “Why do you wheeze when you climb stairs for just two floor?” My daughter asked me last week. I passed it off as a toll taken by age; though the reality is that this weakness is an old one and remained unnoticed.

Most resist the external symptoms of time and related wear & tear. A thumb rule is that the older a person is, the more time taken for formal dressing. So there is a calculated effort to impress- bright colors, branded shirts/pants, hair waved back carefully. Sometimes I wonder, whether the person is comfortable in the role being enacted (for the sake of family). Why not let go and be what you actually are? But then, do many of us know ourselves well to decide to be as and what we are?

God, with His sense of irony, has made human beings attach undue importance to parts of body which have limited utility. Hairs on the head is a classic example of a decorative object. It does not serve any great purpose (unlike hands or legs). But the impact a great hair style has on the subject and his/her viewer cannot be measured. So we find youngsters staring hard at mirror for long periods, patting their hair, men keeping tufts (meant originally only for certain purposes) like women, old men and women dyeing their imperfectly to evade the toll of time and all sorts of odd behavior if examined in the light of reason.

When I was a young boy (several decades back) only school boys and  domestic men servants (who washed clothes, vessels, cars etc.) wore half pants in Mumbai.  Now of course, it is a fashion statement to wear half pants and odd sized pants on all occasions (except job interview) and thereby attempt to belong to another age group. So, when I wear a shorts (called half pant in the past) to the gym, I have an uneasy feeling that someone would  call me to wash their car.

The real changes take place in our sub-conscious and then trickle down to external visibility.  This is noticed only if we meet the person after a reasonable gap. Mentally we slow down- that is reduce the pace at which we want to live hereafter. We see this around us but do not observe. We want less surprises- less changes – expected or unexpected. Life has to be same from yesterday to today. But God and the world around us have a gleeful pleasure in altering our well laid down plans.  So we find sedentary grandparents rushing off to USA/Gulf countries for a new career in babysitting (most probably no one sits, the baby runs around and we run after it continuously till our legs pain).

Did our parents sit back and ponder over their errors of omissions and commission? Did they even admit it to themselves? My son reminded me recently in non-judgmental manner of the instances when I beat him during his childhood. Did I beat him? Yes, I did. For what reasons?  I do not remember. Do I regret it now? Yes. But when I look at my daughter trying to tame my grandson (unsuccessfully at times) by oral requests and then resorting some small corporal punishments, I realize that these are inevitable and cannot be examined by hindsight.

Do we lose our ambitions, zest and enthusiasm with age? I would say they become more tempered. The  goal posts change. Survival up to the goal post  becomes more important than running past it. Some unexpected past time or interest catches serious attention.  So it could a social or a religious organization in which there is some lurking desire to play a more prominent role. I have seen several large institutions run  by persons most of whom had retired from gainful occupations long  back justifying to this logic.

But what is most important in all this is identifying what our heart really seeks- what is it that would give us great happiness. This is the most difficult part of life at any juncture. Long but aimless life serves little or no purpose. At each juncture of life, knowing what we want to achieve in our career, what we enjoy doing in our spare time, what relationships to invest in to make our life more beautiful is vital. This is more easily said than done.

I envy today’s youth some of whom are clear eyed to give up easy choices and seek for what they really want. India has given choices which did not exist some decades back.  But whether they are able to achieve a balance between their material success and mental happiness is a moot point. This perhaps applies to youth and younger generation in any point of time- yesterday , today or tomorrow.

So next time I visit the nearby shopping mall, I will take the plunge and buy the black shirt with stripes displayed at Zodiac shop. My family’s puritanical views on wearing such garments can take a back seat.

I will look handsome in that shirt- rather as handsome as I looked some decades back.



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